Armond White Music and Music Video Review of the Michael Jackson “Black or White” song/music video (QUOTE from the Armond White book “The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World”)


58)  Armond White Music and Music Video review of the Michael JacksonBlack or White” song/music video.  -1991-





“Raised in the Motown ethic of assimilate-and-accomodate, Michael Jackson means it when he



preaches brotherhood in “Black or White.”  Integration and racial unity are indispensable tenets of his philosophy  for showbiz success (partly because of the practical need for Black artists to work with white musicians, technicians, and business people, partly because Michael Jackson, no doubt, believes in it).  Michael Jackson ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie, to use an old phrase–in fact, he gives racial unity a modern emphasis, adding a new, shocking sincerity ot the politics of crossover.”



“If this isn’t immediately apparent in the song “Black or White” — a very good pop tune that uses romantic expectation as the platform for addressing race hatred and race fear — the music video Black or White makes Michael Jackson’s message clear and buoyant through quite miraculous imagery…












…Truth is, this is one of the best music videos ever made–probably the outstanding film of 1991–and in it Michael Jackson’s articulation of his own consciousness through visual and music tropes has never been more daring, as ambitious or as precise…”





To read more of Armond White’s take on Michael Jackson’s Black or White song/music video, purchase a new or used copy of The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World.


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