Armond White Movie Review of Sam Fuller film White Dog (QUOTE from the Armond White book “The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World”)

52)  Armond White Movie Review of Sam Fuller film, White Dog   -1991-







“Movie culture finally may have caught up with Sam Fuller, America’s most interesting didactic



…filmmaker.  His 1982 film White Dog, about the deprogramming of a German shepherd who had been trained to attack Black people, benefits from the mainstream airing-out of racial themes popularized in movies like Do The Right Thing.  The time may be right for filmgoers to appreciate Sam Fuller’s method of outlining social controversy in blunt, intense, provocative melodrama.  White Dog is now having its American theatrical premiere at Film Forum after being kept out of national distribution for nearly a decade by Paramount Pictures.  Sam Fuller’s movie was effectively suppressed as a result of…”



To read more of Armond White’s take on the Sam Fuller film, White Dog, purchase a new or used copy of The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World.


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