Armond White Movie Review of Robert Townsend’s “The Five Heartbeats” film (QUOTE from the Armond White book “The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World”)

48)  Armond White Movie Review of Robert Townsend’s The Five Heartbeats film -1991-







The Five Heartbeats deserved to fail.  Its continuous slide down



the box-office charts has caused cultural pundits to worry over the future of “serious,” “wholesome,” “positive” movies about Black people, but perhaps the reason The Five Heartbeats has not attracted even a large Black audience is that it is not particularly serious, wholesome, or positive…”

































































Robert Townsend’s fantasy about a 1960’s male r&b group that struggles to success, suffers personal disputes, but through several decades, hold together as family and friends is as suspicious as it is virtuous.  It represents the same kind of…”
























To read more of Armond White’s take on the Robert Townsend film, The Five Heartbeats, purchase a new or used copy of The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The  World.


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