Armond White Movie Review of Brian DePalma’s films “Casualities of War” and “Bonfire Of The Vanities” (QUOTE from the Armond White book “The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World”)

43)   Armond White Movie Review of Brian DePalma’s films, especially Casualties of War and Bonfire Of The Vanities.   -1991-









“It is Brian DePalma who exhibited the fascinating complexities of both




radical and commercial instincts working in counterpoint, in each picture.  And he did it against the odds, in spite of the worst press a major American filmmaker has ever received, culminating in the near-complete (and gleeful) derision of Bonfire Of The Vanities.  It is high irony since Bonfire Of The Vanities is the funniest, splashiest comedy out of Hollywood since William Richert last worked…”


















































































Casualites of War isn’t a nostalgic lament for a generation of American soldiers betrayed by their government.  Brian DePalma’s context evokes the moral questioning that never stops; it connects Vietnam to Watergate and, in s scene of Eriksson (Michael J. Fox) being lectured to by Lieutenant Reiley, a Black commanding officer (Ving Rhames); it is connected to the civil rights movement.  The consistency of this vision is part of what gives Casualties of War its power.  Brian DePalma’s memory serves him in seeing through the war to a much larger, more serious issue than just…”




































To read more of Armond White’s take on Brian DePalma’s films Casualities of War and Bonfire Of The Vanities, purchase a new or used copy of The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World.


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