Armond White Movie Review of Alex Cox’s “Repo Man” (QUOTE from the Armond White book “The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World”)


2)  Armond White Movie Review of Alex Cox movie REPO MAN   -1984-



Repo Man’s exaggerated language, unsettled rhythms, and aggressive

lunacy that finds sense in nonsense all convey a subculture’s  unusual vitality.  The movie strains between Taxi Driver nihilism and Close Encounters of The Third Kind hope, making both extremes seem authentic and funny, dirty yet bright, like Ian Dury‘s best songs about English misfits.”


To read more on Armond White’s take on Alex Cox’s film Repo Man, purchase a new or used copy of Armond White’s The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World.


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