Psuedo TABLE OF CONTENTS of Armond White’s “The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World” Book

Psuedo Table Of Contents of Armond White’s Book, “The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World”

Hardcover, copyright 1995 – Armond White,


Overlook Press   462 pages

ISBN # 0-87951-586-4


This book covers the years of 1984 through 1994.

This title is currently out of print.  However, you can purchase a USED copy of the Armond White Book, “The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World”.


1) Places In The Art

PLACES IN THE HEART – DIR: Robert Benton, Starring Sally Field and Danny Glover

A SOLDIER’S STORY – DIR: Norman Jewison, Starring Howard E. Rollins, Denzel Washington, Adolph Caesar, Robert Townsend

SPARKLE — DIR: Sam O’ Steen, Starring Lonette McKee, Phillip Michael Thomas, Irene Cara, Mary Alice, SCRIPT – Joel Schumacher

PURPLE RAIN – DIR: Albert Magnoli, Starring Prince, Apollonia, Morris Day, Jerome Benton,

Sidney Poitier

MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON – DIR: Paul Mazursky, Starring Robin Williams

AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN – DIR: Taylor Hackford, Starring Richard Gere and Louis Gossett Jr



2) Joy Ride Through L.A. Freakdom

REPO MAN – DIR: Alex Cox, Starring Emilio Estevez


3) Looking At Ourselves

BLESS THEIR LITTLE HEARTS – DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/EDITOR: Billy Woodberry, Starring Nate Hardman, Kaycee Moore, SCRIPT – Charles Burnett


4) Telling It On The Mountain



COLOR – DIR: Warrington Hudlin, SCRIPT – Denise Oliver

SKY CAPTAIN – DIR: Mary Neema Barnette

A PLACE IN TIME – DIR: Charles Lane

A DIFFERENT IMAGE – DIR: Alile Sharon Larkin

A DREAM IS WHAT YOU WAKE UP FROM – DIR: Larry Bullard, Carolyn W Johnson

IN DREAMS BEGIN RESPONSIBILITY – DIR: Delmore Schwartz, Starring Paul Winfield, Olivia Cole


5) Kidpix



SEVENTEEN — DIR: Jeff Kreines & Joel DeMott

STREETWISE – DIR: Martin Bell, Mary Ellen Mark, Cheryl McCall

MASK – DIR: Peter Bogdonovich, Starring Eric Stolz

GOONIES – DIR: Richard Donner


6) Rethinking Hollywood Archetypes

THE COLOR PURPLE: DIR: Steven Spielberg, Starring Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, Desreta Jackson, Akosua Busia, Adolph Caesar, Dana Ivey, Margaret Avery, Willard Pugh, SCORE  Quincy Jones


7) Behind The Burnt Cork

 WILLIAMS & WALKER (Musical Play on Bert Williams & George Walker @ American Place Theatre) – DIR: Vincent D. Smith, Starring Ben Harney, Vondie Curtis-Hall


8 – Prince Lays A Lust Egg

UNDER THE CHERRY MOON – DIR: Prince, Starring Prince, Kirsten Scott-Thomas


9)  The State Of Grace

INSIDE STORY – Grace Jones (Album), Nile Rodgers (Prroducer)

PARADE – Prince SoundTrack To Under The Cherry Moon


10) Class Clowns


RADIO DAYS – DIR: Woody Allen,



11) D’Arby Makes Pop Awesome Again



12) To Be Young, Gifted And Wack

WHITNEY (Whitney Houston Album), Narada Michael Walden (Producer)


13) Run-DMC: Just To Thrill



14) Understanding Michael Jackson

BAD (Michael Jackson Album)


15) Rhymin’ Reason

ICE T “Rhyme Pays” (Album)


16) Turn It Up

PUBLIC ENEMY – “Bring The Noise” (Single Song) , Chuck D (Charles Ridenhour), Flavor Flav (William Drayton), Hank Shocklee, Bill Stephney




17) A Rediscovery Of The Obvious

JOE TURNER’S COME AND GONE – DIR: Lloyd Richards, Starring Delroy Lindo, Playwright August Wilson


18 – Vernon Reid’s Fear Of Music

LIVING COLOUR “Vivid” (Album) Vernon Reid (Lead Guitarist, Founder), William Calhoun (Drummer), Muzz Skillings (Bass), Corey Glover (Lead Vocalist)


19) Schizogenius

PRINCE – “Lovesexy” (Album) and “The Black Album” (Bootleg)


20) Who’s Coming Out Of Africa?

COMING TO AMERICA DIR: John Landis, Starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall


21) Women On The Verge

WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN – DIR: Pedro Almodovar, Starring Carmen Maura, Maria Barranco, Julieta Serrano, Kiti Manver, Rossy DePalma, Antonio Banderas


22) Classical Twists

THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS (Musical Play) DIR/PLAYWRIGHT: Lee Breuer, Bob Telson (Composer)  Starring: Morgan Freeman, Institutional Radio Choir, Jevetta Steele, J.J. Farley and The Soul Stirrers, Clarence Fountain and The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, J.D. Steele Singers, Sam Butler Jr, Carolyn Johnson-White, Isabell Monk


23) Nation Time

PUBLIC ENEMY – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (Album)


24) On Spencer Williams

“The Blood Of Jesus” (1941) and “Go Down Death” (1944) DIR: Spencer Williams


25) Hollywood Burning

MISSISSIPPI BURNING – DIR: Alan Parker Starring, Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe


26) Good Golly, Miss Molly

THE FORBIDDEN CITY (Play @ Public Theater in NYC) Playwright Bill Gunn, DIR: Joe Papp, Starring Akili Prince, Gloria Foster, Frankie R. Faison


27) Keeping Up With The Joneses

INDIANA JONES & THE LAST CRUSADE – DIR: Steven Spielberg, Starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, River Phoenix, Alison Doody


28 – Rebirth Of A Nation

DO THE RIGHT THING – DIR: Spike Lee, Starring Spike Lee. Rosie Perez, Danny Aiello, John Turturro, Richard Edson, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee. Paul Benjamin, Robin Harris, Frankie Faison, Sam Jackson, Bill Nunn, Giancarlo Esposito, Joie Lee, DP: Ernest Dickerson


29) The Wrath Of Madonna vs. Pop Gospel

“Like A Prayer” (MADONNA Song  & Music Video), Clinton Utterbach and The Praisers “Sing A New Song”, Patty Holley, Leon


30) A Metaphysical Movie Musical

DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES — DIR: Terence Davies, Ella Fitzgerald “Taking A Chance On Love”


31) Living In Metaphor

DE LA SOUL “3 Feet High and Rising” (Album)


32) From Burkina Faso with Art

YAABA – DIR: Idrissa Auedraogo, Starring Noufou Ouedraogo, Roukietou Barry, Fatimata Sanga, DP: Matthias Kalin


33) Michelle Shocked

THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS – DIR: Steve Kloves, Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges


34) Miss Daisy’s Moral Anachronisms

DRIVING MISS DAISY – DIR: Bruce Beresford, Starring Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy


35) Just Say No To The White Girl

THE WHITE GIRL – DIR: Tony Brown, Starring Troy Beyer, Taimak, Teresa Farley, George Kirby


36) Ideology On The Waterfront

LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN — DIR: Uli Edel, DP: Stefan Czapsky, SCRIPT: Desmond Nakano, NOVELIST: Hubert Selby Jr, Starring, Stephan Lang, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Burt Young, Ricki Lake, Alexis Arquette, Peter Dobson, Zette


37) Vogue

“Vogue” (Madonna Song and Music Video) DIR: David Fincher


38 – Dopplegangerbanger: Rap’s Loss Of Reason

ICE CUBE: “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted” (Album), Oshea Jackson


39) An “Oh Bleek” Defense Of Ego

MO’ BETTER BLUES – DIR: Spike Lee, Starring Denzel Washington, Cynda Williams, Wesley Snipes, Joie Lee, John Turturro, Nick Turturro, DP- Ernest Dickerson



40) Alas, LL Cool J’s Mannish Masterworks

“Mama Said Knock You Out” (LL Cool J CD)


41) To Sleep With Anger

TO SLEEP WITH ANGER – DIR: Charles Burnett, Starring Danny Glover, Mary Alice, Carl Lumbly, Vonetta McGee, Richard Brooks, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Julius Harris, Sy Richardson, Paul Butler, Ethel Ayler


42) Robin Harris’s Vulgar Integrity

“Bebe’s Kids” (Comedian Robin Harris CD)


43) Brian DePalma, Political Filmmaker

BRIAN DEPALMA – “Bonfire Of The Vanities” Starring Tom Hanks, Melanie Griffith, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, F. Murray Abraham, DEPALMA CANON,  “The Untouchables” Starring Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert DeNiro, “Casualties Of War” Starring Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Thuy Thu Le, Ving Rhames,


44) American Haiku

HOME ALONE – DIR: Chris Columbus, PROD: John Hughes, Starring Macauley Culkin, Catherine O‘ Hara


45) Underground Man

CHAMELEON STREET – DIR: Wendell B. Harris, Starring Wendoll B. Harris, Angela Leslie, Amina Fakir


46) Cole And Clivilles Manufacture Dreams

“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” — (C + C Music Factory Music Video)  DIR: Marcus Nispel Starring Freedom Williams, Zelma Davis, Martha Wash, David Cole, Robert Clivilles


47) Janet Jackson’s Body Electric and Body Politics

JANET JACKSON — “The Rhythm Nation Compilation” (Collection of Music Videos)

“Love Will Never Do (Without You)” DIR: Herb Ritts, DP: Rolf Kestermann

“The Pleasure Principle”

“Escapade” – DIR: Peter Smillie, “Alright” – DIR: Julien Temple, “Black Cat”, “Come Back To Me”


48 – Anatomy Of A Flop

THE FIVE HEARTBEATS – DIR: Robert Townsend Starring, Michael Wright, Leon, Robert Townsend, Troy Beyer, Diahann Carroll, Hawthorn James


49) Spike Lee’s Pornografitti

JUNGLE FEVER – DIR: Spike Lee, Starring Wesley Snipes, Annabella Sciorra, John Turturro, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Lonette McKee, Samuel Jackson, DP: Ernest Dickerson (Special Mention is made here to Ernest Dickerson’s revolutionary cinematography)


50) Matty Rich Goes Straight Down A Blind Alley

STRAIGHT OUT OF BROOKLYN – DIR: Matty Rich, Starring, Lawrence Gilliard Jr, George T, Odom, Ann D. Saunders, Mark Malone, Reana E. Drummond,


51) Voices That Dare—Care

“Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” – (Crystal Waters single song),

“Walking Down Madison” – (Kristy MacColl song), Johnny Marr – co-composer

Aniff Cousins


52) A Moral Metaphor

WHITE DOG – DIR: Sam Fuller, Starring Kristy McNichol, Paul Winfield, Burl Ives,  Writer – Romain Gary


53) De La Soul’s “Impossible” Revolution



54) Asian Rut Indeed

MORRISSEY Concert at Madison Square Garden in 1991, Kill Uncle Album


55) Paranoid Like Me

RICOCHET – DIR: Russell Mulcahy, PROD: Joel Silver, Starring Denzel Washington, John Lithgow, Ice T, Lindsay Wagner, SCRIPT: Steven DeSouza/Fred Dekker/Menno Meyjes SCORE: Alan Silvestri


56) Nelson George Remakes “I’m A Ho”

STRICTLY BUSINESS – DIR: Kevin Hooks, SCRIPT: Nelson George, Pam Gibson Starring Joseph C. Phillips, Tommy Davidson, Halle Berry


57) Sing-A-Long Cynicism

“O.P.P” (Naughty By Nature Song) “Naughty By Nature” (Album)


58 – The Gloved One Is Not A Chump

“Black Or White” (Michael Jackson Music Video)


59) Who’s Afraid Of Donna Summer?

“Servy-N-Bernice 4 Ever” (Play) Playwright – Seth Avi Rosenfeld, DIR: Terry Kinney,

Starring Ron Eldard, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Erik King, Cynthia Nixon

“Dim All The Lights” (Donna Summer Song), Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte


60) Son Of Bazerk Redefines The Word

“Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk” (Son Of Bazerk CD) Son Of Bazerk, Prince Jahwell, Daddy Rawe, Cassandra Half-Pint, Sandman, No-Self Control Band, Hank Shocklee


61) A New Wave Ebbs


62) You Gotta Believe Marky Mark

“Music For The People” (Marky Mark Walberg CD)

“You Gotta Believe” (Marky Mark Single)


63) Lies As Truth

BUGSY – DIR: Barry Levinson, Starring Warren Beatty, SCRIPT: James Toback


64) Daughters Bites The Dust

DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST —  DIR: Julie Dash, Starring Cora Lee Day, Barbara-O, Kaycee Moore, Alva Rogers, Adisa Anderson, DP: Arthur Jafa


65) Back To The Future For Faith

“Tennessee” (Arrested Development Single Review), Speech, “3 Years 5 Months and 2 Days” (Arrested Development CD Review)


66) Fab 5 Freddy Commercializes the Revolution

FAB FIVE FREDDY – “Fresh Fly Flavor: Words & Phrases of The Hip-Hop Generation” (Book Review)


67) Apostasy: Antihype in Four Steps


68 – Metallica Tales

“Whereever I May Roam” (METALLICA single review)


69) The Hammer And the Pop Sickle

ICE CUBE – “Death Certificate” (Ice Cube CD Review)


70) Black To His Roots

RUPAUL – “Back To My Roots” Music Video


71) Sweat And L.L.

KEITH SWEAT/LL COOL J  — “Why Me, Baby (Remix)” (Single Song Review)


72) Deconstruction or Sympathy

SWOON – DIR: Tom Kalin, DP: Ellen Kuras, Starring Craig Chester


73) A Souljah’s Story

SISTER SOULJAH – “360 Degrees Of Power” (CD Review)


74) Ice-T Goes Buck Wild

ICE T “Cop Killer” (Single Review and Controversy)


75) Boom In His Head

WILLIE D “Rodney K” (Single Song Review)



76) The Awful Truth Snags Pop

MORRISSEY – “The National Front Disco” (Single Song), “Your Arsenal” (CD), “Glamourous Glue” music video


77)  Pop Star Politics

MALCOLM X – DIR: Spike Lee, Starring Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Delroy Lindo, Angela Bassett, Al Freeman Jr, Albert Hall,


78 – Malcolm X’d  Again


79) History Gets Kicked By Fantasy

ALADDIN – Starring Robin Williams

1492 –DIR: Ridley Scott

The Laat Of The Mohicans – DIR: Michael Mann


80) Erasure, Pop!


81) Rememberance of Songs Past



82) Amateur Means Love

LOVE YOUR MAMA – Ruby L. Oliver, Starring Carl E. Halll, Audrey Morgan

JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE I.R.T. – DIR: Leslie Harris, Starring Ariyan Johnson

EL MARIACHI – DIR: Robert Rodriguez


83) Hughes Brothers ot Caught In The Crap

MENACE II SOCIETY: DIR: The Hughes Brothers, Starring Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate, Jada Pinkett, Samuel L. Jackson, Charles “Roc” Dutton, Arnold Johnson, SCRIPT: Tyger Williams


84) Ain’t Nuthin’ but A Genocide Thing

THE CHRONIC (Dr. Dre CD Review)


85) When The Mensch Comes Out

Barbra Streisand – “Back To Broadway” (CD Review), Stephen Sondheim


86) Janet and Madonna Use The Lexicon Of Funk

“Erotica” (Madonna CD Review)

“janet.” (Janet Jackson CD Review)


87) Tina Turner Celebrates Racism with Sexism

Tina Turner @ Radio City Music Hall Concert in 1993 (concert Review)


88 – Ruffneck and Brassneck

MC Lyte “Ruffneck” (Single song Review)


89) Reintroducing Carl Franklin

Laurel Avenue (Cable TV Mini-Series Review) DIR: Carl Franklin, PRODUCER: Charles Duttton, Starring Mary Alice, Mel Winkler, Juanita Jennings, Rhonda Stubbins-White, Monte Russell, Scott Lawrence, Malinda Williams, Vonte Swett, SCRIPT: Michael Henry Brown, Paul Aaron


90) Simi Valley Aesthetics



91) Revolution To Revelation

PET SHOP BOYS “Go West” (Single Review)


92) In The Bedrooms Of America

SHORT CUTS – DIR: Robert Altman


93) The Wrong Notes

THE PIANO —  DIR: Jane Campion, Starring Holly Hunter, Sam Neill, Harvey Keitel


94) The Tami Show

MTV’s THE REAL WORLD – Starring Tami Akbar and David Edwards


95) Toward A Theory Of Spielberg History

STEVEN SPIELBERG ESSAY —  Schindler’s List, The Color Purple, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, 1941, Filmography


96) Dap And A Slap For Ice Cube’s Mixed Messages

ICE CUBE – “Lethal Injection” (CD Review), “The Predator” (CD Review)


97) Haile Gerima’s Faith

SANKOFA – DIR: Haile Gerima


98 – Affectionate Derision

CROOKLYN – DIR: Spike Lee, DP: Arthur Jafa, Starring Zelda Harris, Alfre Woodard, Delroy Lindo, David Patrick Kelly


99) Is There A Magic Bullet For Uncle Toms?

Toure & James Bernard –Response to their reviews of Public Enemy’s “Muse Sick N Hour Mess Age” Album


100) The Struggle Struggles

FREEDOM ON MY MIND – DIR: Connie Field, Marilyn Mulford

FORREST GUMP – DIR: Robert Zemeckis, Starring Tom Hanks, Mykelti Williamson, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise



101) A Fresh Route To Racism

FRESH – DIR: Boaz Yakin, Starring Sean Nelson, N’Bushe Wright, Samuel L. Jackson, Luis Lantigua


102) An Idiot’s Delight

PULP FICTION —  DIR: Ouentin Tarantino Starring John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken, Ving Rhames, Harvey Keitel


103) INDEX



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