INDEX for Armond White’s “The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World” Book

INDEX of Armond White’s “The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World” Book.

This title is currently out of print.  However, you can purchase a USED copy of Armond White’s “The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook The World” Book.  The book’s essays cover the years of 1984 through 1994.

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                                                                        Woodstock, NY 12498



Armond White’s “The Resistance: Ten Years Of Pop Culture That Shook The World” covers the years 1984-1994


Overlook Press

Lewis Hollow Road

Woodstock, New York 12498


ISBN # 0-87951-586-4



The Wow Jones Report





A., Beth (MTV Real World roommate/participant), 400

A&M Records, 194, 195

Aaron (MTV Real World roommate/participant), 400

Paul Aaron, 372

ABBA (musical group), 334

Abbaesque (recording), 334

Diahann Abbott, 7

“A.B.C.” (Jackson Five song), 233

Paula Abdul (pop singer, dancer), 192

Abigail’s Party (Mike Leigh film), 390

Above The Rim (movie starring Tupac Shakur, Leon), 417

F. Murray Abraham, (actor’s performance in Bonfire Of The Vanities movie), 183

Absolute Beginners (Julien Temple film), 195

Academy Awards, 34, 97, 264, 279, 280

“Act Naturally” (country and western song), 72

ACT-UP (organization), 294

“Adore” (Prince ballad/song), 93

Adventures In Babysitting (Chris Columbus film), 185

Adventures of Dean Dean (Hank Shocklee musical group), 259

“African Scaredy Katz In A One Exit Maze” (Sister Souljah song), 302

After Dark My Sweet (film starring Jason Patric), 161

After The Rehearsal (film), 27

Afterschool Special (TV show), 350

Against All Odds (Taylor Hackford film), 15

Charlie Ahearn (filmmaker/director, photographer, writer), 16

Danny Aiello, (actor in film Do The Right Thing) 123, 427

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Broadway musical), 45

Ain’t No Other” (MC Lyte album), 367

“Ain’t No Sunshine” (song in movie Crooklyn), 428

“Ain’t Nuthin’ But A G Thang” (Dr. Dre/Snoop Doggy Dogg song off The Chronic), 354

Ain’t Nuthin’ But A G Thang (Dr. Dre video), 352-353

“Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg”  (TLC song), 367

Tami Akbar, (roommate/participant on MTV’s The Real World), 395-400

Aladdin (Disney animated film), 329-331, 337

Edward Albee,  (playwright), 245-246, 390

Horatio Ali, 207, 263

Shahrazad Ali, (author), 162, 234, 303

Mary Alice, (actress), 170, 171, 183, 372, 373

All About Eve (film), 14

All In The Family (TV program), 172

Anthony Allen, see Son Of Bazerk (rapper, rap group)

Harry Allen (journalist), 351

Karen Allen (actress), 122

Woody Allen (filmmaker/director), 177, 321

            Annie Hall, 59, 61

            Broadway Danny Rose, 60

            Hannah And Her Sisters, 59, 60, 63

            Interiors, 60

            Manhattan, 3, 60, 61

            The Purple Rose Of Cairo, 24, 60, 378-380, 383

            Radio Days, 58-64, 124

            Stardust Memories, 60

            Take The Money And Run, 58, 61, 62, 64

            Zelig, 60, 189, 281, 379, 434

Pedro Almovodar (filmmaker/director), xvi, 98-99

Aloha Bobby and Rose (Floyd Mutrux film), 35

Herb Albert, (founder of A&M Records) 195

“Alphabet St.” (Prince song), 91, 271

Alright (Janet Jackson music video), 195-196, 236

Hilton Als, (journalist) 295

Robert Altman (filmmaker/director)

            Genres restructured by Robert Altman, 39

            Wendell B. Harris and Robert Altman, 282

            Spike. Lee and Robert Altman, 124

            The Long Goodbye (movie), 440

            Nashville see Nashville (film)

            Originality of Robert Altman, 21

            The Player (film), 441

            Postmodernism and Robert Altman, 176

            Racial themes and Robert Altman, 8

            Short Cuts (film), 388-391

            That Cold Day In The Park (film), 389

            3 Women (film), 389

            A Wedding (film), 388

Always (Steven Spielberg film), 195, 405

“Am I Right?” (Erasure song), 335

Amacord (Federico Fellini film), 60

Amazing Grace (Stan Lathan film starring Moms Mobley), 23

The Amen Corner (play), 115, 302

“America The Beautiful” (song), 200

The American Cinema (features Andrew Sarris’ essay, ‘Toward A Theory Of Film History’), 404

An American Dream (film), 181

An American Family (TV Program), 24, 207

American Grafitti (George Lucas film), 30, 32, 42, 124

American Hot Wax (Floyd Mutrux film), 36, 199

American Museum Of The Moving Image, 280, 282

American Place Theatre (New York City), 48

American Playhouse (TV Program) 24, 207

AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted (Debut Ice Cube Solo Album), 155-159, 412

“Amos ‘n’ Andy” (TV Program), 106

Adisa Anderson, (Actor), 268

Laurie Anderson, 365

Robert Anderson, 297

Andrae Crouch Singers (gospel choir), 128

Julie Andrews (actress), 362

Angel (film), 41

Maya Angelou (poet), 14

Anna Lucasta (film), 29

“Anna Stesia” (Prince song), 91-92

Jean-Jacques Annaud (filmmaker/director), 331

Annie Hall (film), 59-61

Another Country (80’s film), 298

“Another Day In Paradise” (Phil Collins song), 210

Antonioni, Michaelangelo (filmmaker/director), 383

“Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home” (song Barbra Streisand cover), 356

Apache (rapper), 368

Apocalypse 91 (Public Enemy Album), 311

Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola film), 18, 33

Apollo Theater (New York City, Harlem), 174

Apparatus Productions (organization), 295, 296

The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz (film), 229

Arabian Nights (book), 329, 330

Anne Archer (Actress), 389

“Are You Wit Me?” (Son Of Bazerk song), 247-248, 249, 252, 345

Arista Records, 68, 70

Armed Forces (Elvis Costello recording), 158

“Around The Way Girl” (LL Cool J song), 167

Around The World In A Day (Prince Album), 91

Alexis Arquette (actor), 152

Arrested Development (rap group), 271-273, 328

Artforum (periodical), 420

Arthur (film), 3

“As If We Never Said Goodbye” (Andrew Lloyd Webber song), 358

As The World Turns (TV Program), 396

“As Yet Untitled” (Terence Trent D’Arby song), 65

Hal Ashby (director/filmmaker), 5, 327

“Asian Rut” (Morrissey Song), 221-223

Fred Astaire (Dancer, Actor), 74

“Asylums In Jerusalem” (Scritti Politti song), 286, 288

“At Sundown” (Doris Day song), 337

Richard Attenborough (director/filmmaker), 327

Margaret Atwood (Canadian novelist), 394

Au Pairs (musical group), 90, 209

The Autobiography Of Malcolm X, 312, 321

Autumn Sonata (Ingmar Bergman film), 27

Average White Band (musical group), 87

Margaret Avery (actress), 46

John Avildsen, 60

Dan Aykroyd (actor, comic), 2

Ethel Ayler (actress), 171






Heather B. (rapper, MTV Real World roommate/participant), 398

Tarrie B. (rapper), 262

Baby Boom (film), 232

Back To Broadway (recording), 357

Back To My Roots (RuPaul music video), xv, 289-290

Back To The Future (film), 434

Back To The Future III (film), 238

Backdraft (film), 227

Bad (Michael Jackson music video), 74, 75, 76-78

            Black And White (Michael Jackson song) and, 239

            Hoodlum symbols in, 241

            Literary inspiration of, 131

“Bad” (Michael Jackson song), 74

Bad Boys (film starring Sean Penn), 3

Bad Girl (Madonna music video), 361

Bad Girls (Donna Summer recording), 56

“Badlands” (Bruce Springsteen song), 283

Vernel Bagneris, 101

Fay Bainter, 6

James Baldwin (author, novelist), 23-29, 57, 255, 302

Michael Ballhaus (cinematographer), 53

Band Apart (Quentin Tarantino’s production company), 440

Band Of Outsiders (Jean-Luc Godard film), 440

Antonio Banderas (actor), 98

“Bang, Bang, Bang” (Tracy Chapman song), 358

Amiri Baraka (poet), 327, 422

Barbara-O (actress), 268

Randy Barbato, 289

Brigette Bardot (actress), 196

“Barefoot in Beverly Hills” (Grace Jones song), 57

Ellen Barkin (actress), 142

Mary Neema Barnette (director/filmmaker), 27, 278

Maria Barranco (actress), 98

Lynda Barry (playwright of The Good Times Are Killing Me), 245

Marion Barry (former Washington D.C. mayor), 226

Roukietou Barry (African actor), 140

Barry Lyndon (Stanley Kubrick film), 349

Barton Fink (Coen Brothers film), 440

Basement Boys (musical group—House music), 209

Basic Instinct (film starring Sharon Stone), 375, 383

Angela Bassett (actress), 319

Batman (Tim Burton film), 126, 254

Battle, Kathleen (opera singer), 363

The Battle Of Algiers (film), 408

Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk (Son Of Bazerk album), 217, 247-252

Beach Boys (musical group), 166

Beastie Boys (musical group-rap)

            De La Soul (rap group) and Beastie Boys, 138

            Living Colour (rock group) and Beastie Boys, 87

            Marky Mark (rapper) and Beastie Boys, 257

            Rap genre and Beastie Boys, 105

            Rick Rubin (music producer, record executive) and Beastie Boys, 73

            White rappers and Beastie Boys, 259

Beat It (Michael Jackson music video), 78

“Beat It” song, 75, 241, 242

Beat poets, 258

Beat Street (breakdancing film), 13, 16, 23

Beatles (musical group)

            The Black Album (Prince album) and Beatles, 92

            Whitney Houston and Beatles, 69

            Michael Jackson and Beatles, 75

            Rolling Stones and Beatles, 217

            RUN-DMC and Beatles, 71

            Youth culture and Beatles, 31

Warren Beatty (actor), 195, 264, 265-266

Beau Geste (film), 119

Beauty And The Beast (Disney animated film), 188, 329

Bebe’s Kids (comedian Robin Harris recording), 172-173

“Bebe’s Kids At Disneyland” (Bebe’s Kids album track), 173-174

Samuel Beckett, 125, 434

Begotten (film), 254

Being There (film), 434

Andy Bell (singer in Erasure), 333, 334, 335

Martin Bell (documentary director of Streetwise), 31, 41-42

Roseann P Bell (Black scholar)., 360

Vanessa Bell-Armstrong (gospel singer), 129

Pete Bellotte (producer), 246

Saul Bellow, 255

Jean-Paul Belmondo (actor), 267, 338

Annette Bening (actress), 267

Paul Benjamin (actor), 123-124

Playthell Benjamin (journalist), 351, 419

William Bennett, (innocent Boston Black man arrested and charged with killing Charles Stuart’s pregnant wife) 260

Jerome Benton (sidekick, dancer, singer, musician Morris Day And The Time), 11, 53

Robert Benton (director/filmmaker), 2-3, 4, 5, 15, 441

Bruce Beresford (filmmaker/director), 146, 147

Ingmar Bergman (filmmaker/director)

            Woody Allen (filmmaker/director) and Ingmar Bergman, 60, 61

            Death Of A Dunbar Girl (movie) and Ingmar Bergman, 27

            Ernest Dickerson (cinematographer) and Ingmar Bergman, 201

            Female psyche and Ingmar Bergman, 394

            Home Alone (movie) and Ingmar Bergman, 185

James Bernard (journalist), 275, 429-432

Sandra Bernhard (comedian, actress), 318

Gian Bernini, 296, 297

Chuck Berry (rock and roll singer-musician), 87, 88, 166

Halle Berry (actress), 229, 231

Bernardo Bertolucci (filmmaker/director), 249

Best Defense (film starring Eddie Murphy), 13, 19, 21

The Best Of Everything (film), 181

BET (Black Entertainment Television), 69

Beth A., (MTV Real World roommate/participant), 400

Beth S., (MTV Real World roommate/participant), 397

Betrayed (film), 214

Beulah (TV program), 372

Beverly Hills Cop (Eddie Murphy film), 25, 31, 184

Beverly Hills 90210 (TV Program), 396

Beyer, Troy (actress), 148, 149, 150, 199

Bido (music producer for rapper Willie D), 311

Big Chill (film), 199, 200

Big Daddy Kane (rap performer), 162, 261

“Big Ole Butt” (LL Cool J song), 165, 166

Billboard (music industry periodical), 230, 412

“Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson song), 75, 241

Bird (Clint Eastwood film starring Forest Whitaker), 36, 37, 162

The Birth Of A Nation (D. W. Griffith film), 1, 4

            The Color Purple (Steven Spielberg film) and, 46

            Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Steven Spielberg film) and, 120

            The Last Of The Mohicans (Michael Mann film) and, 332, 377

“Bitties in the BK Lounge” (De La Soul song), 218-219

Black Noel (director of film Mischief), 33

The Black Album, (Prince Album), 90, 92-93, 250

Black Box (musical group), 257

Black Caesar (Larry Cohen film), 441

Black Cat (Janet Jackson music video), 196

Black Erotica (book), 360, 362

Black Journal (TV Program), 148

Black Joy (film), 256

Black Like Me (film), 226

Black Muslims (sect), 322, 415

“Black New Wave” (film series), 282

Black or White (Michael Jackson music video), xv, 236-243

“Black or White” (Michael Jackson song), 236, 243

Black Panthers (party), 103, 157, 319

“Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” (Public Enemy song), 103, 104

“Black To My Roots” (RuPaul song), 289

The Blacks (play), 14, 15

Blade Runner (Ridley Scott film), 382

Bless Their Little Hearts (film directed by Billy Woodberry), xiv-xv, 20-22, 26, 169, 269

William Blinn (screenwriter of Prince movie Purple Rain), 12

The Blood Of Jesus (film directed by Spencer Williams), 106, 107, 108

Blood Simple (Coen Brothers film), 25

Bloom Allan, 180

Blow-Out (Brian DePalma film), 4, 176, 181

            Blow-Up (Antonioni film) and, 383

            Bonfire Of The Vanities and, 183

            Casualties Of War and, 179

            The Untouchables and, 178

Blow-Up (Antonioni film), 383

Blue Velvet (film directed by David Lynch), 300

The Blues Brothers  (John Landis film), 12

Jeffrey Boam (screenwriter of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade), 120

“Bob George” (Prince song), 92-93, 250

Body Count (Ice T recording), 306, 307

Body Double (Brian DePalma film), 176, 177, 215

Body Heat (film), 265

Humphrey Bogart (actor), 9, 338

Peter Bogdonovich (filmmaker/director, critic, author), 34-35

Donald Bogle (author, critic), 282

Bojangles (backup singers to Terence Trent D’Arcy), 67

“The Bomb” (Ice Cube song), 158

Bomb Squad (music producers, musicians), 157, 311

James Bond, 111, 231

The Bonfire Of The Vanities (Brian DePalma film), 175, 176-177, 180-183

Bonnie And Clyde (film starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway), 266, 300, 379

Boomerang (film starring Eddie Murphy), 292, 347, 383

“The Boomin’ System” (LL Cool J song), 165-166, 310

John Boorman (filmmaker/director), 207

“Bop Gun” (George Clinton song), 91

David Bordwell, 27

Born in the U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen album), xiv

Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen album), 32

Bound for Glory (film), 5

David Bowie (rock and roll singer/musician), 32, 242-243

Boy Movies

            Anxiety depicted in Boy Movies, 39

            Irony lacking in Boy Movies, 33

            Sentimentality and Boy Movies, 42

            Seventeen (film) and Boy Movies, 31, 38, 41

            Streetwise (film) and Boy Movies, 31-32

The Boy with Green Hair (film), 32

Christopher Boyce, 37

Boyz N The Hood (John Singleton film)

            Chameleon Street (Wendell B. Harris film) and Boyz N The Hood, 281

            Dr. Dre (music producer) and Boyz N The Hood, 353

            Hughes Brothers (filmmakers/directors) and Boyz N The Hood, 349, 350

            Ice Cube (rapper, actor) and Boyz N The Hood, 413

            Love Your Mama (film) and Boyz N The Hood, 344

            Oscar nomination for Boyz N The Hood, 279-280

Matthew B. Brady, 376

“Brainteasers and Doubtbusters” (Sister Souljah song), 304

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola film), 331

Marlon Brando (actor), 162, 242, 297, 373

“Brassneck” (song by the musical group The Wedding Present), 369

Fred Braithwaite (Fab 5 Freddy), 274-277

Tawana Brawley, 97, 126, 224, 226

Stephen Bray, 131

The Breakfast Club (film directed by John Hughes), 30, 38, 41, 185, 396

Breakin’ (film), 2

Bertolt Brecht, 195

Walter Brennan (actor), 6

Robert Bresson (filmmaker/director), 107, 135, 341

Lee Breuer (writer/director of musical play The Gospel at Colonus), 100, 101, 102

Brides Of Funkenstein (musical group—George Clinton), 91

Beau Bridges (actor), 142

Jeff Bridges (actor), 6, 142, 144

Angela Briggens, 366

Bright Lights, Big City (film), 80

Brighton Beach Memoirs (film of Neil Simon play), 59, 61, 62

“Bring The Noise” (Public Enemy song), 82, 83, 104, 166, 310

Broadcast News (film starring Holly Hunter and William Hurt), 123, 380-382, 383

The Broadway Album, (Barbara Streisand album), 357

Broadway Danny Rose (Woody Allen film), 60

Charles Bronson (actor), 83

Brooklyn Academy of Music, 100

Albert Brooks (actor), 396

James L. Brooks (movie producer/director), 381

Mel Brooks (actor, film director/producer/writer), 61

Richard Brooks (actor), 170

The Brother From Another Planet (film), 2, 12, 44

“Brothers Gonna Work It Out” (Public Enemy song), 167

Bobby Brown (singer), 360

Georgia Brown (critic), 121, 253

Gerard Brown (screenwriter Juice), 344

James Brown (singer/musician), 75, 90, 243, 425

Michael Henry Brown (screenwriter of Laurel Avenue), 371, 372, 373

Tony Brown (journalist/TV personality), 148-150, 421, 422

“Brown Skin Girl, Stay Home and Mind Baby” (song in Terence Davies film Distant Voices, Still Lives), 134

Roscoe Lee Browne (actor), 14

Frank Browning (author of book The Culture of Desire), 290

Susan Brownmiller, 28

“Buck Whylin” (Sister Souljah song), 301

“Buddy” (De La Soul song), 218

“Bugaboo” (Ed O.G and Da Bulldogs song), 260

Bugsy (Barry Levinson film starring Warren Beatty), 264-267

Larry Bullard (actor), 28

Da Bulldogs (musical group), 260

Mary-Ellis Bunim (TV producer), 396

Luis Bunuel (director of film Los Olvidados), 206

“Buppies, B-Boys, Baps and Bohos” (Nelson George book), 274, 275

Julie Burchill (critic), 25

Burn! (film starring Marlon Brando), 423

Burn, Baby, Burn (2 Black 2 Strong & The MMG’s music video), 260

Burn, Hollywood, Burn (Public Enemy music video starring Chuck D, Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane), 270

Carol Burnett (actress, comic), 98

Charles Burnett (filmmaker/director), 280, 282

            Bless Their Little Hearts, xiv-xv, 20-22, 26, 169, 269

            The Killer of Sheep see The Killer Of Sheep (film)

            My Brother’s Wedding, 21, 26, 169

            To Sleep With Anger, 169-171, 351, 373

Ken Burns (documentarian), 377

Richard Burton (actor), 330, 362

Tim Burton (filmmaker/director), 126

Stephen H. Burum (cinematographer), 33

George Bush, 261, 304

Bush administration

            Tami Akbar and Bush administration, 397

            The Fabulous Baker Boys (movie) and Bush administration, 145

            Fab 5 Freddy and Bush administration, 274

            Frustrations of Bush administration, 376

            Home Alone (movie) and Bush administration, 184, 185

            Media and Bush administration, 377

            Propriety of Bush administration, 210

            The Purple Rose of Cairo (Woody Allen movie) and, 379

            Young black professionals and Bush administration, 230

Bushwick Bill (rapper), 311, 354

Akosua Busia (actress in the Steven Spielberg film The Color Purple), 45, 46, 406

“Bust A Move” (Young M.C. song), 260

Busy Bee (rapper), 276

Paul Butler (actor), 170

Sam Butler Jr (singer-guitarist in musical play The Gospel At Colonus)., 100, 101

Calvin Butts (preacher), 355






C  + C Music Factory (musical group), 190, 191, 192, 257

Cabaret (Liza Minnelli musical film), 15

Cabin In The Sky (Vincente Minnelli film), 14

The Cactus Album (Rap Group 3rd Bass Album), 259

Adolph Caesar (actor) 9, 10-11, 47

James Cagney (actor), 159, 226

Cagney and Lacey (TV Program), 23

William Calhoun (drummer), 87

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (silent film), 300

Cab Calloway (band leader and musician), 11, 195, 196

Godfrey Cambridge (comic and actor), 14

Joseph Campbell (author), 120

Jane Campion (filmmaker/director), 392-394, 418

“Can’t Truss It” (Public Enemy song), 423

Cape Fear (Martin Scorsese film), 226, 351, 376

Al Capone (gangster), 178

Car Wash (film featuring cameo by comic Richard Pryor), 413

Irene Cara (actress, singer), 13

Les Carabiniers (Jean-Luc Godard film), 380

Caravaggio (Derek Jarman film), 294

Hildur Carlsberg (actress in Carl Dryer film, The Person’s Widow), 141

Carmen Jones (film starring Dorothy Dandridge), 29

John Carpenter (filmmaker/director), 35

Karen Carpenter (singer), 135

Tia Carrere (actress), 382

Carrie (Brian DePalma film), 34, 35, 176, 181, 183

Diahann Carroll (actress), 53, 199

Thomas Carter (director/filmmaker), 409

Raymond Carver (author), 388, 390. 391

Casablanca (film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman), 267

Cassandra Half-Pint (rapper in rap group Son Of Bazerk), 249, 250

John Cassavetes (actor/filmmaker/director), 22, 25

Casualties Of War (Brian DePalma film), 175, 177, 178, 179-180, 183

Cats (Broadway musical), 337

The Caucasian Chalk Circle (George C Wolfe play by Bertolt Brecht), 195

“Caught Can We Get A Witness?” (Public Enemy song), 104-105

Alain Cavalier (filmmaker), xv

“Cave Bitch” (Ice Cube song), 416

CB4 (film starring Chris Rock), 343, 350

“Celebrate The Achievement” (Spike Lee event in Brooklyn honoring The Hughes Brothers film Menace II Society), 418

The Celluloid Closet (Vito Russo book), 296

Central Intelligent Agency, 321

Chameleon Street (Wendell B, Harris film), xv, 187-189, 253-256, 280-282, 328

            Daughters Of The Dust (film) and Chameleon Street, 279, 281

            Menace II Society (film) and Chameleon Street, 351

            Sankofa (film) and Chameleon Street, 422

            Straight Out Of Brooklyn (film) and Chameleon Street, 208

“Chan Goes To Shanghai” (Grace Jones song), 56

James Chaney, 109

“A Change Is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke song), 423

Charles Chaplin (silent film star and filmmaker), 49

Tracy Chapman (singer/musician), 218, 358

Charisma Records (firm), 211

Cyd Charisse (actress), 196

Ernestine Charles (actress), 289

Ray Charles (singer, musician), 130

Cheap Trick (metal musical group), 88

“Check Yo Self” (Ice Cube song), 413

Cheers (TV Program), 237

Cher (performer), 35

Cherish (Madonna music video), 197

Neneh Cherry (singer), 144

Craig Chester (actor), 295

Chic (disco musical group), 56, 87, 88

Chico and the Man (TV Program), 172

Children (Terence Davies film), 338

“Children Play With Earth” (Arrested Development song), 273

“Children Will Listen” (Barbara Streisand song), 356, 357-358, 359

A Chinese Ghost Story (film), 119

Chocolat (Claire Denis film), 394

Choose Me (Alan Rudolph film), 143

Robert Christgau (critic), 351

Christianity, 19

Christine (film from Stephen King book), 35

The Chronic (Dr Dre album), 352, 353-355

Chuck D (rapper, Public Enemy)

            AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, 155

            “Bring The Noise”, 83

            “Can’t Truss It”, 422

            Ice Cube and Chuck D, 157, 159, 412, 414

            Ice-T and Chuck D, 307

            It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (album), 103, 104-105

            Janet Jackson and Chuck D, 363

            Mainstream criticism of Chuck D, 430, 432

            Marky Mark and Chuck D, 261

            N.W.A. and Chuck D, 156

            Radio and Chuck D, 82

            Sister Souljah and Chuck D, 301

            Chuck D on white rock, 283

            Willie D and Chuck D, 311

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), 321

“Cindy C” (Prince song), 93

The Circus (Erasure album), 333

Souleymane Cisse (African filmmaker), 140

Citizen Kane (Orson Welles film), 253, 255

The City Sun (Brooklyn-based weekly newspaper), xvi, xvii, 256

The Civil War (TV film series), 377

“Clap Your Hands” (song), 167

Shirley Clarke (filmmaker/director), 25

Vince Clarke (composer for Erasure), 333-334, 335

Clash (musical group), 217

The Clash of Races (Haki Madhubuti), 282

Claudine (film starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones), 199

Jill Clayburgh, 45

“Clean Up Man” (Willie D song), 309

Cleopatra Jones (70s exploitation film starring Tamara Dobson), 227

Montgomery Clift (actor), 297

Bill Clinton (president)

            Elvisana and Bill Clinton, 316

            Sister Souljah and Bill Clinton, 285, 286, 301

            Barbra Streisand and Bill Clinton, 356, 358

George Clinton (band leader, musician)

            De La Soul and George Clinton, 136

            Dr. Dre and George Clinton, 353

            Funkadelic and George Clinton, 137

            Prince and George Clinton, 90, 91

            Repo Man and George Clinton, 17, 18

Clinton Administration, 435

Robert Cliviles (music producer), 192, 193

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Steven Spielberg film), 176

            The Color Purple and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 44

            Mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 238

            Optimism in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 401

            Repo Man and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 18

            Schindler’s List and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 405, 407

“Close the Door” (Teddy Pendergrass song), 246

Club Mix recordings, 211, 212

Coca-Cola, 69

Jean Cocteau (filmmaker/director), 188, 282

Joel Coen (filmmaker/director), 25

Coen Brothers (filmmaking directing duo), 440

“Cold Lampin” (Flava Flav song), 219

David Cole (music producer), 192, 193

Nat “King” Cole (singer), 339, 340

Natalie Cole (singer), 66

Olivia Cole (actress), 29

Ornette Coleman (jazz musician), 89

Phil Collins (singer, musician), 210

Color (Warrington Hudlin film), 27, 29

“Color Blind” (Ice Cube song), 287

The Color Purple (Steven Spielberg film), 43-47, 118, 119, 176, 256

            Black cinema and The Color Purple, 24

            Black or White and The Color Purple, 237

            Daughters Of The Dust and The Color Purple, 270

            The Forbidden City and The Color Purple, 116

            Hair-combing scene in The Color Purple, 290

            Hollywood Shuffle and The Color Purple, 63

            Spike Lee and The Color Purple, 326

            Letters sequence in The Color Purple, 406

            Malcolm X and The Color Purple, 320

            Optimism of The Color Purple, 401

            Orphans Of The Storm and The Color Purple, 408

            The Piano and The Color Purple, 393

            Pop didactics of The Color Purple, 407

            Racial politics of The Color Purple, xvi, 254

            Ricochet and The Color Purple, 226

            Sankofa and The Color Purple, 422

            Straight Out Of Brooklyn and The Color Purple, 408

            Success of The Color Purple, xv, 405

            The Untouchables and The Color Purple, 178

The Color Purple (Alice Walker book), 24, 43

The Colored Museum (play), 63

John Coltrane (jazz musician), 162

Columbia Pictures, Inc., 346

Columbia University, 274

Chris Columbus (filmmaker/director), 185, 186

Christopher Columbus, 37, 331

Come Back To Me (Janet Jackson music video), 196

Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (Robert Altman film), 389

“Come, Lord Jesus” (Clinton Utterbach And The Praisers gospel song), 129

Coming To America (Eddie Murphy film), xvi, 94-97, 150

Commitments (fictitious musical group from Alan Parker movie), 288

Communism, 19

The Company Of Wolves (Neil Jordan film), 35, 36

Compulsion (Richard Fleischer film), 294, 296, 297, 298, 299-300

Conan The Destroyer (film), 55

Marc Connelly (filmmaker/director), 46

Sean Connery (actor), 121, 178

Conrack (Martin Ritt film starring Jon Voight), 6, 7-8

“Constantly” (Bert Williams song), 50, 51

The Content Of Our Character (Shelby Steele book), 310

Control (Janet Jackson album), 56, 194

The Conversation (Francis Ford Coppola film), 383

Pam Cook (writer for The British Film Institute), 382

Sam Cooke (singer), 66, 67, 100, 101, 249

Cool Breeze (70s exploitation film), 227

LL Cool J, (rapper) see L.L. Cool J

The Cool World (Shirley Clarke film), 25

Cooley High (Michael Schultz film), 34

Martha Coolidge (filmmaker/director of Valley Girl), 42

Gerry Cooney (singer), 70

James Fenimore Cooper, 331

“Cop Killer” (Ice T song), 306, 307

“Copacabana” (song), 64

Stewart Copeland (music scorer to movie Fresh), 438

Francis Ford Coppola (filmmaker/director)

            Apocalypse Now, 18, 33

            Boy Movies of Francis Ford Coppola, 31, 32, 33

            Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 331

            The Conversation, 383

            The Cotton Club, 2, 14, 143

            The Godfather see The Godfather (film)

            The Outsiders, 31, 33, 34, 176

            Postmodernism and Francis Ford Coppola, 176

            Rumble Fish see Rumble Fish (film)

Richard Corliss (critic), 254

Bill Cosby (actor, comic), 45, 117, 173, 226

The Cosby Show (TV Program), 117

Constantin Costa-Gavras (filmmaker/director), 346

Elvis Costello (singer/musician), 158, 242

Kevin Costner (actor), 178

The Cotton Club (Francis Ford Coppola film) 2, 14, 143

Cotton Comes To Harlem (70s exploitation film), 14, 26

Michael Coulter (cinematographer of The Long Day Closes), 339

Countdown at Kusini (Ossie Davis film), 26

“A Couple Of Swells” (song), 342

Aniff Cousins (guest artist on Kristy MacColl song “Walking Down Madison”) 211

Noel Coward, 340

Alex Cox (filmmaker/director), xvi

            Repo Man see Repo Man (Film)

            Straight To Hell, 72, 443

Sarah Cracknell (singer), 363

Jeanne Crain, 6

The Cranes Are Flying (classic Soviet Union film), 387

Michael Crawford, 358

Crazy C (producer), 311

Crimes and Misdemeanors (Woody Allen film), 152, 176-177

The Crimson Kimono (film), 214

Judith Crist, 417

Michael Cristofer, 183

Frankie Crocker (radio DJ), 220

Crooklyn (Spike Lee film), 425-428

Cross of Coronado, 120

Scatman Crothers (actor), 7

Andrae Crouch (gospel singer), 128

Sandra Crouch (gospel singer), 130

Stanley Crouch (columnist), 418, 419, 441

Lindsay Crouse (actress), 4

Tom Cruise (actor), 6, 39, 150

Crusades, 120

Crusoe, (Caleb Deschanel film), 121

Cry (Godley & Crème 1985 music video), 239

Cuba (film with Lonette McKee), 14

Cujo (film from Stephen King book), 214

George Cukor (filmmaker/director), 99

Macaulay Culkin (actor), 184, 237, 239

“Cult of Personality” (Living Colour song), 88

The Culture of Desire (Browning), 290

Vondie Curtis-Hall (actor), 48, 49, 50

Cypress Hill (rap group), 257, 349

Stefan Czapsky, (cinematographer of film Last Exit To Brooklyn) 151





D, Chuck see Chuck D (rapper, group Public Enemy)

Heavy D (rapper), 196

Nikki D (rapper), 234, 345

Willie D (rapper, from rap group Geto Boys) 309-315, 323

D.C. Cab (Joel Schumacher film), 31

“Daddy Kalled Me A Niga ‘Cause I Likeded to Rhyme” (song by rap group Young Black Teenagers), 261

“Daddy’s Little Girl” (Nikki D song), 345

Willem Dafoe (actor), 109

Daily News (NY newspaper), 255

Alfonse D’Amato (NY politician), 226

“Dance On” (Prince song), 90, 91

The Dancer and the Railroad (play written by David Henry Hwang), 102

Dances with Wolves (film starring Kevin Costner), 332

Dancin’ (Chris Isaak music video), 130

“Dancing In The Street” (Motown, Martha And The Vandellas song), 90, 288

“Dancing Machine” (Jackson Five song), 218-219

Dangerous (Michael Jackson album), 241

Dangerous Liaisons (film with actress Michelle Pfeiffer), 142

Jeff Daniels (actor in The Purple Rose Of Cairo), 379

Blythe Danner (actress), 61-62

Herbert Danska (director of 1967 film Sweet Love, Bitter), 25

Terence Trent D’Arby (singer, musician), 65-67

Manohla Dargis (critic), 351

Bobby Darin (actor in 1962 film Pressure Point), 215

Dark at the Top of the Stairs (film), 115

August Darnell (singer, musician Kid Creole’s Coconuts), 144

Clarence Darrow, 293

Charles Darwin, 215, 240

Julie Dash (filmmaker/director), 268-270, 278-279

            Black cinema and Julie Dash, 256

            Haile Gerima and Julie Dash, 421, 422

            Wendell B. Harris and Julie Dash, 281

Daughters Of The Dust (Julie Dash film), 268-270, 278-279

            Arthur Jafa and Daughters Of The Dust, 420

            The Piano and Daughters Of The Dust, 393

            Sankofa and Daughters Of The Dust, 421, 424

            Syntax of Daughters Of The Dust, 256

Allen Daviau (cinematographer), 44, 402

Tommy Davidson (actor, comic), 229, 230, 231

Terence Davies (filmmaker/director), xvi, 133-135, 336-337, 427, 428

Bette Davis (actress), 10, 23, 24

Clive Davis (record executive), 70

Ossie Davis (actor), 26, 63, 112, 123, 204

Peter Davis (PBS series “Middletown”), 38

Sammy Davis Jr (singer, musician)., 112

Thulani Davis (playwright), 195

Zelma Davis (singer), 191

Cora Lee Day (actress), 268

Doris Day (singer), 337

Morris Day (singer, musician of group The Time), 11

The Day After (film), 18

Daniel Day-Lewis (actor), 332

Moshe Dayan, 401

Jan De Bont (cinematographer, filmmaker/director), 375

De La Soul (rap group), xvi, 136-138, 217-220

            Arrested Development (rap group) and De La Soul, 273

            Audience of De La Soul, 430

            Fontana and De La Soul, 261

            Sister Souljah and De La Soul, 304

De La Soul Is Dead (De La Soul album), 217, 218-220

Robert De Niro (actor), 177, 178, 376

Dead End (1937 film), 124

“Dead On It” (Prince song), 92

James Dean (actor), 30, 297

Death and Transfiguration (Terence Davies film), 338

Death Certificate (Ice Cube album), 286-287

Death Of A Dunbar Girl (1977 film by Henry Miller), 27

“Death Penalty” (track in Robin Harris album Bebe’s Kids), 174

The Decline Of Western Civilization (Penelope Spheeris film), 41

Miriam DeCosta-Willis (Black scholar), 360

Kool Moe Dee (rapper), 164, 165

Ruby Dee (actress), 112, 123, 204

Deee-Lite (musical group), 250

Deep In Vogue (Malcolm McLaren video), 154

Deeper and Deeper (Madonna music video), 361

“Deeper and Deeper” (Madonna song) 361, 365

Def American Records (record label), 311

Def By Temptation (James Bond III film), 231

Def Jam Records (record label), 71, 276

The Defiant Ones (film starring Sidney Poitier), 225

Daniel Defoe, 121

Fred Dekker (screenwriter of film Ricochet starring Denzel Washington), 226

Deliberate Speed (William T. Lhamon book on World War II culture), 233-234

Agnes DeMille, 333

Cecil B. DeMille (filmmaker/director), 149, 200

Jonathan Demme (filmmaker/director), 299

Democratic National Convention, 305, 309, 434, 435

Democratic Party, 316

Benj DeMott (critic), 204

Joel DeMott (documentary director of Seventeen), 31, 38, 39, 40

Jacques Demy (filmmaker/director), 182

David Demby (film critic), 254, 401, 409

Claire Denis (filmmaker/director), 394

William Dennis (rapper “Willie D”), 309-315, 323

Brian DePalma (filmmaker/director), 381

            Pedro Almovador and Brian DePalma, 99

            Blow-Out see Blow Out (film)

            The Fury, 34, 176, 181, 441

            Gangster films of Brian DePalma, 266

            Hi Mom!, 15, 176, 177-178, 181, 183

            Alfred Hitchcock and Brian DePalma, 156

            Spike Lee and Brian DePalma, 175, 326

            Menace II Society and Brian DePalma, 350

            Political films of Brian DePalma, 174-183

            Prestige possession concept and Brian DePalma, 144

            Raising Cain, 378, 379

            Scarface see Scarface (film: 1983)

            Short Cuts and Brian DePalma, 391

            On White Dog (Sam Fuller film), 215

            Youth films of Brian DePalma, 34

Rossy DePalma (actress in film Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown), 98

Gerard Depardieu (actor), 331

Depression Era, 2, 115

Clevant Derricks (actor), 7

Caleb Deschanel (cinematographer, filmmaker/director), 121

Vittorio DeSica (filmmaker/director), 5, 6, 206, 436, 437

Ecare Desire’ (filmmaker), 140

Dinesh DeSouza, 353, 435

Steven DeSouza (screenwriter of film Ricochet starring Denzel Washington), 226

“Desperate People” (song by band Living Colour), 88

Desperately Seeking Susan (film starring Madonna), 25

“The Devil Finds Work” (James Baldwin essay), 23

Devo (musical group), 89

Brandon DeWilde (actor), 297

Dexys Midnight Runner (white Irish soul musical group), 288

Dick Tracy (film starring Warren Beatty), 195, 266

Charles Dickens (novelist), 43, 46, 180

Ernest Dickerson (cinematographer, filmmaker/director), 126, 162-163, 201, 322, 344

“Did You Do It?” (Madonna song), 361

Bo Diddley (blues singer, musician), 34

“Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” (Whitney Houston song), 68

Die Hard (film starring Bruce Willis), 140, 225, 375

“Diet” (Au Pairs song), 209

Marlene Dietrich (actress), 11, 56

A Different Image (film by Alile Sharon Larkin), 27-28

Digable Planets (rap group), 290

Digital Underground (rap group), 331

Bradford Dillman, 298

Matt Dillon (actor), 39

“Dim All The Lights” (Donna Summer song), 245, 246

Dionysus in ’69 (Brian De Palma film), 176

“Dirty Dawg” (New Kids On The Block song), 258

“Dirty Diana” (Michael Jackson song), 75, 241

“Dirty Mack” (Ice Cube song), 411-412

Walt Disney, 44, 96, 254, 329

Distant Voices, Still Lives (Terence Davies film), 133-135, 336-337, 339, 340, 341

Diva (film), 4

Ivan Dixon (actor, filmmaker/director), 112

Willie Dixon (blues singer), 168

“Do It Properly” (song by group 2 Puerto Ricans, A Black-man and A Dominican – – produced by David Cole and Robert Clivilles), 192

Do The Right Thing (Spike Lee film), xv, 123-127, 160, 256

            Black or White and Do The Right Thing, 241

            Bonfire Of The Vanities and Do The Right Thing, 176

            Casualties of War and Do The Right Thing, 175, 180

            Chameleon Street and Do The Right Thing, 254

            Critical condemnation of Do The Right Thing, 377

            Crooklyn and Do The Right Thing, 425, 427

            Ernest Dickerson and Do The Right Thing, 201

            Driving Miss Daisy and Do The Right Thing, 146

            Robin Harris in Do The Right Thing, 174

            Jungle Fever and Do The Right Thing, 204

            Last Exit To Brooklyn and Do The Right Thing, 152

            Lighting in Do The Right Thing, 162-163

            Malcolm X and Do The Right Thing, 319, 321

            Menace II Society and Do The Right Thing, 351

            Sex, lies and videotape and Do The Right Thing, 383

            Straight Out Of Brooklyn and Do The Right Thing, 205

            Time on Do The Right Thing, 326

            White Dog and Do The Right Thing, 213

Peter Dobson (actor in Last Exit To Brooklyn), 152

D.O.C. (rapper), 353

The Doctor (film starring William Hurt), 266

Doctor Dre see Dr Dre (rapper, music producer)

E. L. Doctorow, 121

“Doing Dumb Shit” (Ice Cube song), 287

Dolemite (film starring Comedian Rudy May Moore), 72, 139

Dolomite (album by Rudy May Moore), 248

Dominic (Irish immigrant in MTV’s The Real World), 396

Phil Donahue (TV Talk Show Host), 148, 380

Troy Donahue (actor), 31

Stanley Donen (filmmaker/director), 340

Richard Donner (filmmaker/director), 36

“Don’t Believe The Hype” (Public Enemy rap song), 105

“Don’t Tread On Me” (song by rock band Metallica), 284

Allison Doody (actress in Steven Spielberg film Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade), 122

The Doors (Oliver Stone film), 200, 321

Robert DoQui (actor in Robert Altman movie Nashville), 4, 143

Fyodor Dostoevsky, 189, 281

Frederick Douglass, 327

Down and Out in Beverly Hills (film), 63

“Down for Whatever” (Ice Cube song?), 414

Robert Downey Jr. (actor), 348, 390

Downtown Science (musical group with producer Sam Sever), 259

Dr. Dre (rapper, music producer), 352-355

            Dr. Dre on “bii-yaaches,” 399

            Fresh (movie) and Dr. Dre, 437

            Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, 412, 413, 414

Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola film), 331

“Drama!” (Erasure song), 335

William Drayton (“Flavor Flav”), 82, 83, 103-104, 432

A Dream Is What You Wake Up From (film directed by Larry Bullard and Carolyn W. Johnson), 28, 29

Dreamgirls (Broadway musical), 13, 45, 48

“Dreaming Of The Queen” (Pet Shop Boys song), 386

Dress You Up (Madonna music video), 131

Dressed To Kill (Brian De Palma film), 7, 176, 177

Carl Theodor Dreyer (filmmaker/director), 107, 135, 141, 341

Drifters (R & B musical group), 200

“The Drive By” (Ice Cube song), 156, 158

Driving Miss Daisy (film starring Morgan Freeman), 45, 146-147

            Bonfire Of The Vanities and Driving Miss Daisy, 182

            The Long Day Closes and Driving Miss Daisy, 336

            Simi Valley Aesthetics and Driving Miss Daisy, 377, 384

Drugstore Cowboy (film starring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight), 149

Reana, E. Drummond (actress in Straight Out Of Brooklyn), 207

Drums Along The Mohawk (film), 119

Stuart Dryburgh (cinematographer), 394

W. E. B. Du Bois, 48

Alexandra Duah (Ghanaian actress), 423

Duck You Sucker (Sergio Leone film), 441

Duel In The Sun (film), 99

Michael Dukakis (presidential candidate in the 1980s), 97

O. L. Duke (actor), 149, 150

Paul Laurence Dunbar, 115

Robbie Dunbar (of duo Sly and Robbie), 55

Dune (David Lynch film), 20

Duran, Duran (80s rock group), 226

Marguerite Duras (author of The Lover), 331

Ian Dury (musician), 17, 18

Charles Dutton (actor), 347, 371

Richard Dyer (author, critic), 297, 298

Bob Dylan (folk singer, musician), xv






Sheila E. (singer, drummer, percussionist, musician), 93

Eagles (musical group), 415

Earth Girls Are Easy (film directed by Julien Temple), 195

Easy E, (rapper, member of rap group N.W.A., record executive), 353

Ed O.G. and Da Bulldogs (rap group), 260

Uli Edel, 151, 152

Edmond (play by David Mamet), 8

Richard Edson (actor in Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing), 123

Edward II (film directed by Derek Jarman), 294

David Edwards (comic, MTV Real World roomate/participant), 397, 398-399, 399, 400

Wilis Edwards (Beverly Hills NAACP Executive Director in 1984), 213

Atom Egoyan, 178

Eight Men Out (film directed by John Sayles), 182

Sergei Eisenstein (flimmaker/director), 378, 381

Ron Eldard (actor in play Servy-N-Bernice 4 Ever), 245

Ralph Ellison (novelist), 189, 281

Empire Of The Sun, (Steven Spielberg film), 118, 119, 185, 402, 407

The Empire Strikes Back (film directed by Irving Kershner and produced by George Lucas), 118

”Endangered Spicies” (Ice Cube song), 156

”Enemy” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 411

Enemy Mine (film), 44

”Enter Sandman” (song by band Metallica), 283

Entertainment Weekly (magazine), 417

EPMD (rap group), 276

Erasure (musical group), 333-335, 386

Erotica (Madonna album), 360, 361-362

Erotique Noir/Black Erotica (book), 360, 362

Escapade (Janet Jackson music video), 195, 196

Giancarlo Esposito (actor), 125, 437

Esquire (periodical), 200

Emilio Estevez (actor), 17, 18

E.T., (Steven Spielberg film), 44, 119

            Black character in E.T., 4

            Childhood denial and E.T., 36

            Crooklyn (Spike Lee film) and E.T., 427

            Malcolm X (Spike Lee film) and E.T., 326, 327, 410

            Optimism of E.T., 401

            Schindler’s List and E.T., 405, 407, 408

            Henry Thomas (actor) in E.T., 45

”Eternal Sleep” (song interpreted by Willie Rogers in the play/musical The Gospel At Colonus), 101

Europa, Europa (film), 408

European immigrants, 4

Art Evans, 10

Walker Evans, 407

”Ever So Clear” (song by rapper Bushwick Bill), 311

Everybody’s All American (film directed by Taylor Hackford), 111

Everlast (singer, rapper), 263

”Every Picture Tells A Story” (song by Rod Stewart), 34

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” (song by rap group Naughty By Nature), 290, 291

”Evil Dick” (song by rapper, actor, Ice T), 306

Excalibur (film directed by John Boorman), 4

”Eye No” (Prince song), 91

Eyes On The Prize (flim, documentary on the civil rights movement), 111, 377

”F— Tha Police” (song by rap group N.W.A.), 157

”F— Wit Dre Day” (Dr. Dre song), 354

Fab 5 Freddy (MTV personality/host), 274-277

The Fabulous Baker Boys (film starring Michelle Pfeiffer), 142-145

Face to Face (film directed by Ingmar Bergman), 394

Frankie R. Faison (actor), 114, 124

Faith (album by singer George Michael), 90

Amina Fakir (actress in Wendell B. Harris film Chameleon Street), 188

Falco (rapper), 259

Falcon and the Snowman (film), 36, 37, 38

Renee Falconetti (actress), 338

Falling In Love (film starring Meryl Streep), 22

Fame (TV Program), 31

Family (TV Program), 215

Fanny and Alexander (film directed by Ingmar Bergman), 60, 185

J.J. Farley (singer), 100

Teresa Farley (actress in the Tony Brown movie The White Girl), 149

”Farmers Blvd.” (LL Cool J song), 165

Louis Farrakhan, 414

Mia Farrow (actress), 61, 379

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (filmmaker/director), 8, 15, 152, 182

Fast Forward (film starring Sidney Poitier), 25, 77

Fast Times At Ridgemont High (film), 2, 33, 42

Fatal Attraction (film directed by Adrian Lyne), 99

Father Of The Bride (film), 270

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), 157

Fear Eats the Soul/Ali (film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder), 152

Fear Of A Black Planet (album by rap group Public Enemy), 203, 217, 311, 413

”Fear Of A Black Planet” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 239

Fear Of Music (album by group Talking Heads), 88

Federico Fellini (filmmaker/director), 60, 379

Fences (play by August Wilson), 85, 171, 373

Edna Ferber (novelist), 46

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (film starring Matthew Broderick), 185

Stepin Fetchit (actor, Lincoln Perry), 16, 313, 414

”Fever” (song  sung by Peggy Lee and covered by Madonna), 361

Leslie Fiedler (wrote 1959 essay ”The Jew in The American Novel”), 60-61, 63, 332

Sally Field (actress), 2, 4

Henry Fielding (novelist), 180

Connie Field (co-director of documentary Freedom On My Mind), 433, 435

W.C.Fields (actor, comic), 174

Ralph Fiennes (actor), 407-408

”Fight for Your Right to Party” (song by rap group Beastie Boys), 105

”Fight The Power” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 123, 125, 250, 327

Film Comment (periodical), 216, 377

Film Forum (movie theater in New York), 20, 213, 253, 433

Film Society of Lirncoln Center, 253-254

Fingers (film by James Toback), 264

The Fireman’s Ball (film directed by Milos Forman), 94

First Amendment, 307

Fishbone (musical group), 88, 250

”Fishin’ 4 Religion” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 272, 273

Ella Fitzgerald (singer), 133, 134

F. Scott Fitzgerald (novelist), 295

Five Blind Boys of Alabama (gospel musical group), 100, 102

The Five Heartbeats (film directed by Robert Townsend), 198-200, 256

The Flamingo Kid (film starring Matt Dillon), 39

Flashdance (film directed by Adrian Lyne), 184, 377

Flavor Flav (rapper, sidekick, foil, in rap group Public Enemy), 82, 83, 103-104, 432

Richard Fleischer, 294, 300

Fly Boy in the Buttermilk (Book by Greg Tate), 398,

FOB (play by David Henry Hwang), 102

Jane Fonda (actress), 194

Wayne Fontana (singer in group Wayne Fontana and The Mind Benders), 261

Fool For Love (film directed by Robert Altman), 176

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide (play), 63

The Forbidden City (play), 114-117, 427

Harrison Ford (actor), 120

John Ford (filmmaker/director), 43, 118, 119, 120, 406

Milos Forman (filmmaker/dircetor), 94

Forrest Gump (film directed by Robert Zemickis, stars Tom Hanks), 433, 434, 435

48 HRS (film directed by Walter Hill, starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy), 2, 187, 225

Frances Foster (actress in Spike Lee film Crooklyn), 427

Gloria Foster (actress in play The Forbidden City), 114, 115

Jodie Foster (actress), 299

Clarence Fountain (singer), 100, 101

Four Days In July (film directed by Mike Leigh), 413

The Four Feathers (film), 119

400 Blows (film by Traufaut), 341

”409” (song by rapper Ice T), 80

Four Tops (musical group), 200

1492 (film directed by Ridley Scott), 331, 332

Michael J. Fox (actor), 179, 180

Fox and His Friends (film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder), 152

Redd Foxx (comic, actor), 93, 94, 173

William Fraker (cinematographer), 402

”Frankenstein” (song by punk musical grop The New York Dolls), 75

Aretha Franklin (singer/musician), 130, 302, 309, 356

Carl Franklin (filmmaker/director), 371-374

Frank’s Place (TV Program), 372

Fraternity Vacation (film), 32

Freedom on My Mind (documentary film), 433-435

Freedom Summer, 433-434, 435

Al Freeman Jr. (actor), 320

Morgan Freeman (actor)

            Morgan Freeman in film Driving Miss Daisy, 146, 147, 182

            Morgan Freeman in the play The Gospel At Colonus, 100, 101,

            Thelma Houston and Morgan Freeman (Lean On Me Soundtrack), 128

French New Wave films, 176, 226, 336, 338, 440

French Occupation, xv

French Provincial (film), 249, 338

Fresh (film directed by Boaz Yakin), 436-438

Doug E. Fresh (rapper), 219

Fresh Fly Flavor (book by Fab 5 Freddy), 274, 275-276

Sigmund Freud, 115

From Here To Eternity (film starring Burt Lancastor), 373-374

Charles Fuller (playright, screenwriter), xiv, 9, 10, 11, 77

Sam Fuller (filmmaker/director), 213-216

Funkadelic (musical group), 136, 137

Funky Bunch (Marky Mark musical group), 257, 258

Funny Girl (film starring Barbara Streisand), 12, 68, 239

”Funny Vibe” (song by band Living Colour), 89

Anton Furst (production designer/art director), 126

The Fury (Brian DePalma film), 34, 176, 181, 441

The Future (album by R & B group GUY), 231







Bob Gale (screenwriter, Back To The Future), 36

Peter Gallagher, (actor), 389

Antoine Gallard (translator af Arabian Nights, French writer), 330

Carlos Gallardo (actor in El Mariachi), 346

Gamble and Huff (legendary music composers From Philly International Records), 248

”Game Of Love” (song), 218

”Games” (Donnie Wahlberg/New Kids On The Black song), 258

Gandhi (1984 film directed by Richard Attenborough), 404

Gang Of Four (musical group–”I Love A Man In A Uniform” song), 105, 164

”Gangsta Bitch” (song by rapper Apache), 368

”Gangsta, Gangsta”  (song by rap group N.W.A.), 156-157

Ganja and Hess (flim written and directed by Bill Gunn), 114, 115, 116, 208

”A Gangsta’s Fairytale” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 157

Gap (firm), 194

Greta Garbo (actress), 101, 115

The Garden of the Finzi Continis (film), 409

Keith Gardener (writer), xiii, 380

Judy Garland, (actress), 75, 297

Green Gartside (singer, Scritti Politti), 286

Marcus Garvey (Jamaican civil rights leader), 86, 327

Romain Gary (novelist), 214, 216

Daryl Gates (LAPD Police Chief/Commissioner), 397

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., (Black Scholar) 419, 420

            Black mythology and Henry Louis Gates Jr., 171

            Ice Cube and Henry Louis Gates Jr., 287

            Leonard Jeffries (professor) and Henry Louis Gates Jr., 314

            Spike Lee and Henry Louis Gates Jr., 203

            ”Niggaz with Latitude,”, (article in New Yorker magazine authored by Black         scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr), 418

            rappers and Henry Louis Gates Jr., 313

            2 Live Crew and Henry Louis Gates Jr., 276

            Willie D (rapper from rap group Geto Boys) and Henry Louis Gates Jr., 310, 315

Paul Gaugin (painter), 201

Marvin Gaye (singer from Motown Records), 81, 258, 415

Gloria Gaynor (Disco singer –song ”I Will Survive”), 66

David Gedge (singer from group The Wedding Present), 369-370

Geffen Records, 311

Jean Genet, (1961 play The Blacks) 14, 15

Gentleman’s Agreement (film), 146, 266

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (film), 99

Nelson George (journalist, novelist, movie producer), 229-232, 274-275, 350

Chris Geralmo, (screenwriter – Mississippi Burning), 109

Gerardo (Hispanic rapper), 259, 261

Richard Gere (actor), 8

Haile Gerima (filmmaker/director, teacher), 421-424

Geronimo (film directed by Walter Hill), 409

George Gershwin (music composer), 61, 102, 362

”Get Back” (song), 129

Get To Know Your Rabbit (film directed by Brian DePalma), 176

Geto Boys (rap group), 252, 271, 309, 311, 354

”Gett Off My Back” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 432

”Ghetto Bastard” (song by rap group Naughty By Nature), 233

”Ghetto Bird” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 413

Ghost (film starring Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore), 186, 336

Ghostbusters (film starring comic actor Bill Murray), 19

Pam Gibson (screenwriter of film Strictly Business) 230

Melissa Gilbert (actress in film Sylvester), 39

Gilda (film), 144, 145

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (actor in film Straight Out Of Brooklyn), 206

”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (song by Cyndi Lauper), 32

Dorothy and Lillian Gish, (actresses in film Orphans In The Storm, sisters ) 46

”Give a Man a Fish” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 272

Glamorous Glue (Morrissey music video), 318

”Glamour Boys” (song by rock band Living Colour), 88

The Glass Menagerie (film), 115

”Gloria” (song by band Van Morrison), 32

Glory (film starring Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick), 256

Corey Glover (lead vocalist of band Living Colour), 87

Danny Glover (actor)

            Danny Glover in The Color Purple, 45, 47

            Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, 225

            Danny Golver in Places In The Heart, 2, 4

            Danny Glover in To Sleep With Anger, 169, 170

Go Down, Death (film directed by Spencer Williams), 106, 107

Go Down Moses (film), 208

Go Man, Go!  (film about The Harlem Globetrotters – with Sidney Poitier), 29

Go Tell It On The Mountain (Stan Lathan film adaptation of James Baldwin novel) 23-29

Go West (Pet Shop Boys music video), 386

”Go West” (song by group Pet Shop Boys), 385-386

Jean-Luc Godard (filmmaker/director)

            Black filmmakers and Jean-Luc Godard, 15

            Black or White (Michael Jackson music video) and Jean-Luc Godard, 241

            Les Carabiniers, 380

            Firm name influenced by Jean-Luc Godard, 346

            Sam Fuller and Jean-Luc Godard, 215

            Jean-Luc Godard on gore, 351

            Wendell B. Harris and Jean-Luc Godard, 188, 282

            ”I Can Do Anything” (rap song by De La Soul) and Jean-Luc Godard, 137-138

            Willy Kurant (cinematographer) and Jean Luc Godard, 34

            Spike Lee and Jean-Luc Godard, 126

            The Long Day Closes and Jean-Luc Godard, 338

            Made In U.S.A. and Jean-Luc Godard, 126

            Masculine-Feminine and Jean Luc Godard, 34, 39

            My Life To Live and Jean Luc Godard, 41, 138

            Originality of Jean-Luc Godard, 21

            Political-aesthetic balance of Jean-Luc Godard, 322

            Sauve qui peut/La Vie and Jean-Luc Godard, 380, 382

            Jean-Luc Godard on sixties youth, 69

            Streetwise and Jean-Luc Godard, 41

            Quentin Tarantino and Jean-Luc Godard, 440

            Two or Three Things I Know About Her and Jean-Luc Godard, 188

            Weekend and Jean-Luc Godard, 241

            A Woman Is A Woman and Jean-Luc Godard, 126

The Godfather (film directed by Francis Ford Coppola), 153, 169, 264, 265

The Godfather Part II (film directed by Francis Ford Coppola), 176, 179

The Godfather Part III (film directed by Francis Ford Coppola), 177

Godley & Creme (musical group – 1985’s Cry), 239

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (real life person portrayed in flim Schindler’s List), 409

Bernie Goetz (NYC subway vigilante), 97

Goin Back To Cali (music video for rapper LL Cool J), 204

”Goin’ Back To Cali” (song by rapper LL Cool J), 166

Rube Goldberg, 38

Whoopi Goldberg (actress), xvi, 46, 145, 172, 406

The Golden Child (film starring Eddie Murphy), 59

The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad (film), 329

Goldfinger (producer for Willie D – I’m Goin’ Out Lika Soldier), 311

Gone Are The Days (film starring Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, also known as Purlie), 112

Gone With The Wind (film), 1

Gonna Make You Sweat (music video for group C + C Music Factory—directed by Marcus Nispel), 190-193

The Good Times Are Killing Me (play by Lynda Barry), 245

”Good Vibrations” (song by rapper Marky Mark), 257, 258

Goodfellas (film directed by Martin Scorsese), 177, 181, 321

Andrew Goodman (murdered civil-rights/voter registration volunteer), 109

Good Times (TV Program), 172, 206, 350

The Goonies (film directed by Ricahrd Donner), 36, 37-38, 45

Charles Gordone, 14

Gordon’s War (flim directed by Ossie Davis), 26

Albert Gore (vice-president), 316

The Gospel at Colunus (theatrical musical), 100-102

Louis Gossett Jr. (actor), 8, 11, 14

”Gotta Have It” (song by rap group Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs), 260

Gilbert Gottfried (comic actor), 329

Grail (holy vessel), 120, 121

Farley Granger (actor), 297, 299

Brian Grant (director of the Whitney Houston music videos ”How Will I Know” and ”I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” ), 68, 69

Grease (film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John), 12

Great Depression, 2, 115

The Great Gatsby (film, novel), 110

Great Society Program, 65

”The Greatest Love Of All” (song by Whitney Houston), 69

Greatest Misses (album by rap Group Public Enemy), 432

William Greaves (filmmaker/director), 25, 256, 280

Greed, (film), 377

Al Green (singer), 66, 101, 104

Green Pastures (film), 29, 46, 101, 372

Howard Greenhalgh (dircetor of Pet Shop Boys music video ”Go West”), 386-387, 387

Greetings (film directed by Brian DePalma), 34, 176, 177

Andre Gregory, 183

Gremlins (film), 4, 45

Professor Griff (member of rap group Public Enemy), 431

D.W. Griffith (filmmaker/director), 254, 255, 381

            The Birth Of A Nation see The Birth Of A Nation

            The Color Purple and D.W. Griffith, 43, 46

            Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and D.W. Griffith, 120

            Intolerance and D.W. Griffith, 153

            Spike Lee and D.W. Griffith, 326

            Michael Mann and D.W. Griffith, 332

            Ruby L. Oliver (director of film Love Your Mama) and D.W. Griffith, 344 

            Originality of D.W. Griffith, 21

            Orphans Of The Storm and D.W. Griffith,, 46, 408

            Places In The Heart and D.W. Griffith, 4

            Matty Rich and D.W. Griffith, 205

            Steven Spielberg and D.W. Griffith, 408

Melanie Griffith (actress), 182

Michael Griffiths (black youth chased by angry white youth into street where he was hit by car and killed), 126

”Grind” (musical), 45

The Grind (TV Program), 396

Larry Gross (screenwriter of Walter Hill film Geronimo), 409

”Guard Your Grill” (song by rap group Naughty By Nature), 233

Peter Guber, (film executive, film producer), 175

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? (film starring Sidney Poitier), 3, 11, 202

Robert Guillaume (actor), 50

Gunga Din (film starring Cary Grant), 119

Bill Gunn (filmmaker/director, playright, screenwriter), 207, 256, 280, 282

            The Forbidden City (play), 114-117, 427

            The Landlord (film), 14, 15, 114, 327

GUY (musical group with Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall), 231

”Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” (song by singer Crystal Waters), 209-212






Taylor Hackford (filmmaker/director), 8, 15

Gene Hackman (actor), 109, 110, 111, 113

Merle Haggard (country singer), 360

Stephen Hague (producer for musical group The Pet Shop Boys), 386

Alex Haley (author), 144, 320, 321

Anthony-Michael Hall (actor), 39

Arsenio Hall (comic, actor, Talk Show Host), 172

            Chameleon Street and Arsenio Halll, 188

            Arsenio Hall in Coming to America, 95

            De La Soul and Arsenio Hall, 219

            Dr. Dre and Arsenio Hall, 355

            George and Arsenio Hall, 350

            Ice Cube and Arsenio Hall, 159

            RuPaul and Arsenio Hall, 290

Carol E. Hall (actress), 343

Hall & Oates (musical group), 136

Hallelujah! (film directed by King Vidor), 46, 130, 256

”Hallelujah” (song on Clinton and The Praisers album, Sing A New Song), 129

Fannie Lou Hamer (female civil rights activist and hero), 435

Pete Hamill (journalist), 226

Bernie Hamilton (actor in film One Potato, Two Potato), 112

Lisa Gay Hamilton (actress), 245

M.C. Hammer (rapper), 190, 230, 243

Kirk Hammett (guitarist – Metallca?), 284

Henry Hampton (filmmaker/director, documentarian), 111, 377

Tom Hanks (actor), 182, 183, 434

Daryl Hannah (actress), 142

Hannah and Her Sisters (Woody Allen film), 59, 60, 63

Lorraine Hansberry (playright), 12

The Happiest Days of Your Life (film), 338

Happy Days (TV Program), 39, 396

Hard Copy (TV Program), 402

A Hard Day’s Night (film directed by Richard Lester, starring The Beatles), 33

Hard To Hold (film), 12

Kadeem Hardison (actor), 231

Nate Hardman (actor in Bless Their Little Hearts – directed by Billy Woodberry), 20, 22

Harlem Studio Museum, 28

LaTasha Harlins (black female shot by Korean storeowner), 313, 347, 382, 383

Ben Harney (actor), 48, 49, 50

Andre Harrell (record executive, member of rap grooup Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde), 231

Julie Harris (actress), 297

Julius Harris (actor in To Sleep With Anger – directed by Charles Burnett), 170

Leslie Harris (filmmaker/director of the film, Just Another Girl On The I.R.T.), 344-345, 346

Robin Harris (comic, actor), 124, 172-174, 207

Wendell B. Harris, Jr (filmmaker/director, actor)

            Alternative press criticism of Wendell B. Harris, 255

            Chameleon Street see Chameleon Street (film)

            Individuality of Wendell B. Harris, 256

            Mainstream indifference to Wendell B. Harris, 207, 280

            William Douglas Street and Wendell B. Harris, 281

Zelda Harris (actress in Crooklyn, directd by Spike Lee), 425, 426

Harvard University, 311

PJ Harvey (singer), 362

Byron Haskin, 45

”The Hate That Hate Produced” (song by rapper Sister Souljah), 303

Yusef Hawkins (black man murdered by white mob in NYC), 204, 413

Howard Hawks (filmmaker/director), 118, 419

Curtis Hayes (Freedom Summer participant – civil rights), 433

Todd Haynes (filmmaker/director), 135, 296

Hays Code, 297

Rita Hayworth (actress), 144, 145

HBO (Home Box Office, cable channel), 371

Heartbreak Hotel (film directed by Chris Columbus), 185

”Heartless” (rap song by rap group Live Squad), 425

Stephen Heath, 298

Heather B, (rapper), 398

Heaven Tonight (1978 album by band Cheap Trick), 88

Heavenly Bodies (book by critic Richard Dyer), 297

Heavy D (rapper), 196

Dick Hebdige (social critic), 339

Amy Heckerling (filmmaker/director), 33, 42

Hell Up In Harlem (film directed by Larry Cohen), 441

Help (film starring The Beatles), 71

Jimi Hendrix (rock musician, singer), 87, 88, 284

Beth Henley (playwright), 394

Henry and June (film), 383

Henry Street Playhouse, 13-14

Katherine Hepburn (actress), 202

”He’s On The Beach” (song by Kirsty MacColl), 211

James Hetfield (singer in metal and Metallica), 284

”Hey, Big Spender” (song in musical Sweet Charity), 365

Hi Mom! (film directed by Brian DePalma), 15, 176, 177-178, 181, 183

”Hideaway” (song by musical gorup Erasure), 333

”Higher and Higher” (song), 130

Highlander (film directed by Russell Mulcahy), 226

Highway Patrolman (film directed by Alex Cox), 443

Anita Hill, 232, 234, 400

Virginia Hill (showgirl character in movie Bugsy directed by Barry Levinson), 265

Walter Hill (filmmaker/director), 36, 376, 409

Maurice Hines (dancer, actor, brother of Gregory Hines), 101

S.E. Hinton (novelist), 33

”Hip-Hop Mix” (version of Keith Sweat/LL Cool J song, ”Why Me, Baby?”), 292

Alfred Hitchcock (filmmaker/dircetor), 156, 381,

            Brian DePalma and Alfred Hitchcock, 178

            Rope, 294, 296, 297, 299

Adolf Hitler, 121-122, 158, 403

Billie Holiday (jazz – blues singer), 65, 272, 302

Agnieszka Holland (filmmaker/director), 408

Endesha Ida Mae Holland (Mississippi native in documentary, Freedom On My Mind), 434-435

Patty Holley (California actress in Madonna ”Like A Prayer” music video), 130, 131

George Holiday (videographer who videotaped the Rodney King beating), 375, 382

Jennifer Holiday (singer), 66, 309

Loleatta Holloway (singer on rapper Marky Mark’s song, ”Good Vibrations”), 257, 258

”Hollywood Liar” (song by Grace Jones), 56

Hollywood Shuffle (film directed by Robert Townsend), 58, 59

Arthur Holm (author of textbook, Principles of Physical Geology, 341

Holy Grail, 120, 121

Home Alone (film), 184-186, 237

Home Invasion (album by rapper Ice T), 413

Home Movie (film directed by Brian DePalma), 176

Homicide (film), 227

”Honesty” (song by rap group Son Of Bazerk), 252

”Hoochie Coochie Man” (blues song), 168

Hook (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 405

bell hooks (author), 360

Hooks, Kevin (filmmaker/director), 229

Anthony Hopkins (actor), 299

Edward Hopper (painter), 152

Lena Horne (actress), 231

Katherine Houghton (actress in film Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?), 202

The House I Live In (short film starring Frank Sinatra), 239

”House Of Love” (song by Rupaul?), 290

House Party (film directed by Reginald Hudlin), 174, 207

House Party 2 (film), 230

Cissy Houston (gospel singer, mother of Whitney Houston), 70

Thelma Houston (singer who re-recorded ”lean On Me” with the Winans), 128

Whitney Houston (R&B and pop singer), 68-70

”How I Could Just Kill A Man” (song by rap group Cypress Hill), 349

”How Shall I See You Through My Tears?” (songby Jevetta Steele), 101

”How Soon Is Now?” (song by musical group, The Smiths), 386

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (film), 229, 231

”How Will I Know?” (music video starring singer Whitney Houston), 68

Leslie Howard (actor in film Of Human Bondage), 23

Howard’s End (film directed by Merchant Ivory), 331

Irving Howe, 189

Reginald Hudlin (filmmaker/director), 174, 347, 383

Warrington Hudlin (filmmaker/film producer), 25, 27, 174, 347, 383

The Hudsucker Proxy (film directed by The Coen Brothers), 440

Albert Hughes (filmmaker/director), 347-351, 417, 418, 419-420

Allen Hughes (filmmaker/director), 347-351 417, 418, 419-420

John Hughes (ilmmaker/director), 30, 185, 186

Langston Hughes, 161, 248

Victor Hugo (author of Les Mesirables), 57

The Human Tornado (soundtrack album by Rudy Ray Moore), 139, 248

Holly Hunter (actress), 381, 392, 393, 394

Fannie Hurst, 46

Zora Neale Hurston (author), 276

William Hurt (actor), 266, 380

Husbands and Wives (film directed by Woody Allen), 321

John Huston (filmmaker/director), 121

David Henry Hwang (playwright), 102





I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (film with actor Paul Muni), 5

”I Can Do Anything” (song by rap group De La Soul), 137

”I Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya, Man” (rap song by rapper Flava Flav of rap group Public Enemy), 167

”I Cram to Understand U Sam” (song by rapper MC Lyte), 137

”I Don’t Know You” (song in Robert Altman movie Short Cuts), 390

”I Don’t Wanna Be Called Yo Niga” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 306-307

”I Have A Love” (song oung by Barbara Streisand and Johnny Mathis), 358

”I Knew That You Were Cheatin’ ” (song by singer Keith Sweat), 292

”I Love a Man In A Uniform” (song by band Gang Of Four), 105, 164

”I Love Ladies” (song by rapper Ice-T), 81

”I Need Love” (song by rapper LL Cool J), 165, 166, 292

”I Need Money” (song by female rap group BWP – – Bitches With Problems), 258, 261

”I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (song by rock band U2), 128

”I Wanna Be Black” (song by singer Lou Reed), 261

”I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” (song by Pop/R & B singer Whitney Houston), 68, 69-70

I Wanna Hold Your Hand (film directed by Robert Zemeckis), 36

”I Want To Be Around To Pick Up The Pieces” (song in Terence Davies film Distant Voices, Still Lives), 134, 337

I Want To Know What Love Is (music video starring rock band Foreigner), 131

Vanilla Ice (rapper), 219, 261, 262

Ice Cube (rapper, actor), xvi, 156-159

            Ice Cube and album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, 155

            Michael Jackson’s Black or White and Ice Cube, 238

            Death Certificate and Ice Cube, 286-287

            Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, 353

            Lethal Injection, 411-416

            L.L. Cool J and Ice Cube, 165

            N.W.A. and Ice Cube, 156

            Sister Souljah and Ice Cube, 303-304

            Willie D and Ice Cube, 312

Ice-T (rapper, actor), 79-81

            Compromise by Ice-T, 306-308, 327

            Ice Cube and Ice-T, 413

            The Iceberg, 217

            L.L. Cool J and Ice-T, 164, 165

            Pimps, Players and Private Eyes compilation album, 443

            Ice-T on President, 83

            Realism of Ice-T, 104

            Ice-T in Ricochet, 224, 227

The Iceberg (album by rapper Ice-T), 217

Iceberg Slim (author), 78, 79, 81

”I’d Rather Have Nothin’ All of the Time Than Somethin’ for a Little While” (song by Bert Williams), 50

”If” (song by singer Janet Jackson), 363

If I Had A Gun (Eastern Europe film), 140

If I Had My Life to Live Over” (song in The Long Day Closes – directed by Terence Davies), 340

”If You All Get To Heaven” (song by singer Terence Trent D’Arcy), 67

”If You Let Me Stay” (song by singer Terence Trent D’Arcy), 67

Ikettes (backup singers for bandleader, singer Ike Turner), 365

I’ll Fly Away (TV Program with actress Mary Alice), 372

”I’ll Never Turn My Back on You” (song by singer Terence Trent D’Arcy), 67

”I’ll Take You There” (song in the film Crooklyn sung by The Staple Singers), 427

”I’m a Ho” (song by rap group Whodini), 230

”I’m Bad” (song by Michael Jackson), 77, 164, 165

I’m Goin’ Out Lika Soldier (solo album by rapper Willie D), 311

”I’m Not Perfect” (song by disco singer Grace Jones), 55

”I’m Scared” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 413

I’m Still Standing (music video starring Elton John), 226

”I’m That Type Of Guy” (song by rapper L.L Cool J), 165, 166

Imitation Of Life (Hurst), 46

I’mo Git You Sucka (film directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans), 139

”In Dreams” (song in David Lynch’s, Blue Velvet), 300

In Dreams Begin Responsibilty (Delmore Schwartz), 29

In Living Color (TV Program), 174, 199, 230

In The Heat Of The Night (film directed by Norman Jewison), 3, 9, 10

Indecent Proposal (film directed by Adrian Lyne), 375, 377, 383

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 119-120, 404

            Aladdin (Disney animated film) and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, 330

            History and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, 403, 407

            Landmark status of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, 118

Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 4, 45, 118-119, 120, 122

William Inge, 115

James Ingram (R & B singer), 66

The Inkwell (film directed by Matty Rich), 417, 425

”Inner City Blues” (song sung by singer Marvin Gaye), 415

Les Innocents (film directed by Andre Techine), 339

The Innocents (recording by musical group Erassure), 333

Inside Story (album by Grace Jones), 55-57

Institutional Radio Choir, 100, 101

”Interesting Drug” (song by singer Morrissey), 222

Interiors (film directed by Woody Allen), 60

Interview (periodical), 261

”Into The Groove” (song by Madonna), 131, 361

Into The Woods (Stephen Sondheim musical), 357

Intolerance (silent film directed by D.W. Griffith), 153

Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arcy (album), 65-67

Intruder In The Dust (film directed by Clarence Brown), 147, 256

Invisible Man (book by Ralph Ellison), 189

Irene (MTV Real World participant/roomate), 397

The Iron Horse (silent film directed by John Ford), 120

Chris Issak (singer), 130

Isabella I, Queen of Spain, 331

Eiko Ishioka (production designer of Broadway play Madame Butterfly), 102

La Isla Bonita (music video starring Madonna), 130

Afrika Islam (musical producer for rapper Ice-T), 80-81

Nation of Islam see Nation Of Islam

Isley Brothers (R & B musical group), 200, 250

”It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That” (song by group Erasure), 333

It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (album by rap group Public Enemy), xv, 103-105, 217, 352, 430

”It Was A Good Day” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 412

It’s A Gift (film starring W.C. Fields), 174

”It’s A Man’s World” (song by James Brown), 158

It’s A Wonderful Life (album by musical group Fishbone), 88

”I’ve Never Been in Love Before” (song sung by Barbara Streisand), 358

Burl Ives (actor), 214, 215

Dana Ivey (actress), 45

Judith Ivey (actress), 61-62

James Ivory (filmmaker/director), 417






LL Cool J see L.L. Cool J (rapper)

J. D. Steele Singers (gospel group), 100

J. T. (white rapper), 259

The Jackie Robinson Story (film), 29

Desreta Jackson (actress who played Young Celie in The Color Purple), 45-46

Freddie Jackson (R & B singer), 66

Janet Jackson (singer)

            Alright, 195-196, 236

            Control, 56, 194

            janet, 360, 362-363

            Love Will Never Do, 194-197, 196-197

            Nasty, 78, 130

Jesse Jackson (civil rights activist), xiii, xiv, 182, 309

LaToya Jackson (isnger, Jackson sibling), 196

Michael Jackson (pop singer), xvi, 74-78

            Black Or White, xv, 236-243

            Terence Trent D’Arcy and Michael Jackson, 66

            De La Soul is Dead album and Michael Jackson, 219

            Glove of Michael Jackson, 18

            Ice Cube and Michael Jackson, 414

            Ice-T and Michael Jackson, 81

            Mass consciousness of Michael Jackson, 34

            Edmund Perry and Michael Jackson, 131

            3 Feet High and Rising and Michael Jackson, 136

Mille Jackson (R & B singer), 248

Oshea Jackson see Ice Cube (rapper, actor)

Samuel L. Jackson (actor)

            Samuel L. Jackson in Do The Right Thing, 124

            Samuel L. Jackson in Fresh, 437-438

            Samuel L. Jackson in Jungle Fever, 204

            Samuel L. Jackson in Menace II Society, 349

            Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, 440, 441, 442

Jackson Five (Motown musical group), 23

Harlan Jacobson (former editor of periodical Film Comment), xiii

Arthur Jafa (cinematographer of film Daughters Of The Dust), 270, 420

Mick Jagger (rock and roll singer, The Rolling Stones), 67

Prince Jahwell (member of rap group Son Of Bazerk), 249

Jimmy Jam (musician, musical producer), 195, 291, 362, 363

The Jam (musical group, song ”That’s Entertainment”), 222

James Hawthorn (actor in The Five Heartbeats), 200

janet (album by singer Janet Jackson), 360, 362-363

Derek Jarman (filmmaker/director), 294

Jaws (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 118, 403

Jesse  Jaymes (white rapper), 261

”Jealous” (song), 167

Blind Lemon Jefferson (musician), 249

The Jeffersons (TV Program), 172, 372

Leonard Jeffries (professor), 226, 314, 436

J’embrasse pas (film directed by Andre Techine), 339

Juanita Jennings (actress in cable miniseries Laurel Avenue), 372, 373

Jesus Christ, 107, 112

”The Jew in the American Novel” (writer, Leslie Fiedler), 60-61

The Jewel in the Crown (TV program), 121

Norman Jewison (filmmaker/director), xiv, 9, 10,

JFK (film directed by Oliver Stone), 321

”Jingling Baby” (song by rapper L.L. Cool J), 165, 166-167

Jo Jo Dancer Your Life is Calling (film starring comic Richard Pryor), 49, 62

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone (play by August Wilson), 84-86, 101, 171, 322

John (MTV Real World participant/roomate), 399

Elton John (singer), 226

Ariyan Johnson (actress in film Just Anothel Girl On The I.R.T.), 344, 345

Arnold Johnson (actor), 348

Carolyn W Johnson (filmmaker/co-director of  semi-documentary, A Dream Is What You Wake Up From)., 28

Robert Johnson (blues singer), 283

Steve Johnson (Native American filmmaker/director of film South Central), 437

Carolyn Johnson-White (performer in musical The Gospel At Colonus), 101

Becky Johnston (screenwriter of film Under The Cherry Moon), 52

Grace Jones (disco singer, model), 55-57

James Earl Jones (actor), 14

Oran Juice Jones (singer), 66

Quincy Jones (musical producer), 47, 76, 78

Barbara Jordan (poltician), 309

Louis Jordan (singer, bandleader), 249

Neil Jordan (filmmaker/director), 35, 36

J.T. (white rapper), 259

Juice (film directed by Ernest Dickerson, starring Tupac Shakur), 344

Jules and Jim (film), 338

Isaac Julien (filmmaker/director), 294

”Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (film starring Whoopi Goldberg), 67

Jungle Brothers (rap group), 217

Jungle Fever (film directed by Spike Lee), 201-204, 231, 245, 321

Jurassic Park (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 378

Just Above My Head (James Baldwin), 57

Just Another Girl On The I.R.T. (film directed by Leslie Harris), 344-346

Just One Of The Guys (film), 32

Justify My Love (music video starring Madonna), 194

Justine (film), 181






Tonio K. (performer, musician), 17, 18

Pauline Kael (writer, critic), 338, 407

Franz Kafka (writer of the book, The Trial), 312

Matthias Kalin (cinematographer of director Idrissa Ouedraogo’s film Yaaba), 140

Tom Kalin (filmmaker/director of film Swoon), 293-300

Janusz Kaminsky (cinematographer), 402

Big Daddy Kane (rapper), 162, 261

Jonathan Kaplan (director of rock musician John Cougar Mellencamp’s music video,  ”R. O. C. K. In the U. S. A.”) , 199

Anna Karina, 338

Philip Kaufman (director), 126, 182, 382-383

Kaygee (music producer, DJ for rap group Naughty By Nature), 234

Charles Keating, 261

Buster Keaton (silent film comedian, filmmaker/director, actor), 61, 380

Keep It Comin’, (recording by singer Keith Sweat), 292

Harvey Keitel (actor), 392, 393

David Patrick Kelly (actor in Spike Lee movie Crooklyn, also in Walter Hill movie The Warriors), 427

Gene Kelly (dancer, actor), 240, 340

Eddie Kendricks (singer on Motown Record Label), 66

Thomas Keneally (author of book, Schindler’s List), 407

John F. Kennedy (president), 321, 433

Kentucky Fried Movie (film), 63

Irving Kershner (filmmaker, director of The Empire Strikes Back), 118

Rolf Kestermann (cinematographer of Janet Jackson music video, ”Love Will Never Do (Without You)” ), 196

Keywords (book by Raymond Williams), 276

Kid Creole (musician, bandleader), 15

Kid Panic (musical group), 259, 261

Kill Uncle (album by Morrissey), 221, 222, 316

The Killer Of Sheep (film directed by Charles Burnett), 26, 256, 374,

            Bless Their Little Hearts and The Killer Of Sheep, 21

            Spike Lee and The Killer Of Sheep, xv

            Menace II Society and The Killer Of Sheep, 420

            To Sleep With Anger and The Killer Of Sheep, 169

”Killing Me Softly” (song by rapper Sister Souljah), 303, 304

Alan King (actor in Brian DePalma’s film, Bonfire Of The Vanities), 183

Erik King(actor in play Servy–N-Bernice 4 Ever), 245

Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights activist), 69, 127, 146, 322, 328

Rodney King

            Juror on Rodney King, 380

            Malcolm X film and Rodney King, 322-323

            The Predator (album by rapper Ice Cube), 413

            Simi Valley aesthetics and Rodney King, 375, 378

            Videotape of Rodney King, 376

            White egocentricity and Rodney King, 382

            Willie D (rapper from the rap group the Geto Boys) and Rodney King, 309, 311-313

King Of Comedy (film directed by Martin Scorsese), 7

King Sun (rapper), 261

Ben Kingsley (actor), 408

Terry Kinney (Director of play, Servy-N-Bernice 4 Ever), 245

Rudyard Kipling (author, novelist), 121

George Kirby (former comedian, ex-addict in director Tony Brown’s movie The White Girl), 150

Kiss Me Goodbye (film starring actor Jeff Bridges), 6

Kite (album by Kristy MacColl)), 211

”KKK Bitch” (song by rapper Ice-T), 306

Calvin Klein  (clothing designer), 27, 262

Joe Klein (writer, columnist), 226

Kevin Kline, (actor), 281

Steve Kloves (filmmaker/director of the films The Fabulous Baker Boys and Racing with the Moon) 142-143, 144, 145

”Knee Deep” (song by band Funkadelic), 136

Knopfler, Mark Knopfler (songwriter of Tina Turner song, Private Dancer), 364

Kool and The Gang (musical group), 56

Kool Moe Dee, (rapper), 164, 165

Appolonia Kotero (actress), 11

Stanley Kramer (filmmaker/director), 202, 203

Kramer vs Kramer, (film), 3

Krays (60’s gangsters), 296

Jeff Kreines (co-director of documentary Seventeen,) 31, 38, 39, 40

KRS-One (rapper), 437

Ku Klux Klan

            AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted (album by rapper, actor Ice Cube) and the Ku Klux Klan, 157

            Ku Klux Klan in The Birth Of A Nation (film by silent film director D.W. Griffith), 46

            Burning crosses of The Ku Klux Klan, 132

            Madonna and The Ku Klux Klan, 239

            The Ku Klux Klan in Spike Lee film Malcolm X, 326, 327, 410

            The Ku Klux Klan in Alan Parker film Mississippi Burning, 111

            The Ku Klux Klan in flim Places In The Heart, 5

            White Dog (film directed by Sam Fuller) and The Ku Klux Klan, 213

Willy Kurant (cinematographer of Jean-Luc Godard film Masculine-Feminine), 34

Ellen Kuras (cinematographer of film Swoon), 294-295

Hanif Kureishi, 121

Akira Kurosawa (Japanese filmmaker, director), 201, 409






LL Cool J see LL Cool J (rapper)

”La Di- Da- Dee” (song by rappers MC Ricky Dee/Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh), 80

L. A. Weekly (periodical), 296

Patti Labelle (R & B singer), 15

Jacques Lacan, 293, 296, 297

”Lady Cab Driver” (song by musician, rock and roll singer Prince), 242

Lady In The Dark (George Gershwin Broadway musical), 362

Lady Sings The Blues (film starring Diana Ross), 12, 25, 49, 198, 199

Ricki Lake (actress, TV Host), 151

Mary Lambert (filmmaker/director), 53, 130, 131-132, 239

John Landis (filmmaker/director, Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video), 75, 236

The Landlord (film), 14, 15, 114, 327

Charles Lane (filmmaker/director), 27

Stephen Lang (actor in film Last Exit To Brooklyn), 151, 153

Frank Langella (actor), 331

Meyer Lansky, 265

Luis Lantigua (actor in film Fresh), 438

Allie Sharon Larkin (filmmaker/director of A Differnt Image), 27-28

Last Action Hero (film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger), 378, 383

The Last Dragon (film starring actor Taimak and singer/Prince protege Vanity), 25

Last Exit To Brooklyn (film directed by Uli Edel), 151-153

”Last Of The Famous International Playboys” (song by Morrissey), 222

The Last Of The Mohicans (film directed by Michael Mann), 331-332, 377

The Last Picture Show (film directed by Peter Bogdonovich), 35, 42, 374

”The Last Resort” (song by rock band The Eagles), 415

Last Tango In Paris (film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci), 162, 242, 373

The Last Temptation of Christ (film directed by Martin Scorsese), 112-113, 132, 176

”Last Night, Mauldin Street” (song by Morrissey), 318

The Late Show (film by director Robert Benton), 441

Stan Lathan (filmmaker/director), 13, 23-24, 29

Queen Latifah (rapper, actress), 234, 301, 302, 304

Cyndi Lauper (singer), 32

Laurel Avenue (TV film directed by Carl Franklin), 371-374

Law of Desire (film directed by Pedro Almovodar), 99

D.H. Lawrence (writer), 36

Gertrude Lawrence (stage actress), 362

Scott Lawrence (actor in Laurel Avenue), 372

Lawrence of Arabia (film directed by David Lean), 319

Leadbelly (film directed by Gordon Parks), 162

David Lean (filmmaker/director), 340

 ”Lean On Me” (song), 128

Norman Lear (TV producer/mogul), 172, 173, 206

Leatherstocking tales (James Fenimore Cooper), 331

Jean-Pierre Leaud (actor in film 400 Blows), 341

Led Zeppelin, (rock and roll band), 88, 250

Bill Lee (jazz musician, father of Spike Lee), 162

Bruce Lee (actor, martial arts star), 440

Cinque Lee (actor, brother of Spike Lee), 425

Daulton Lee, 37

Joie Susannah Lee (actress, Spike Lee Sister), 125, 161, 425

Laura Lee, 394

Peggy Lee (singer of song ”Fever”), 361

Spike Lee (filmmaker/director)

            Crooklyn, 425-428

            Brian DePalma and Spike Lee, 175, 326

            Do The Right Thing see Do The Right Thing (film)

            Sam Fuller and Spike Lee, 216

            Jungle Fever, 201-204, 231, 245, 321

            Malcolm X see Malcolm X (film)

            Menace II Society and Spike Lee, 418

            Mo’ Better Blues see Mo’ Better Blues (film)

            Eddie Murphy (comedian, actor) and Spike Lee, 97

            New Yorker (magazine) and Spike Lee, 274

            Seth Avi Rosenfeld and Spike Lee, 245

            She’s Gotta Have It see She’s Gotta Have It (film)

            Robert Townsend and Spike Lee, 198

            We Do Heads, 21

Jennifer Jason Leigh (actress), 151, 153, 389, 391

Mike Leigh (filmmaker/director), 373, 390, 413, 417

Leon (actor), 130, 132, 199

Patrick Leonard (co-composer of Madonna song ”Like A Prayer”), 131

Sergio Leone (filmmaker/director), 441

Nathan Leopold, 293-300

Angela Leslie (actress), 188

Less Than Zero (film), 80, 82

Richard Lester (filmmaker/director), 33

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (book), 433

Lethal Injection (album by rapper Ice Cube), 411, 413-416

”Let’s Get It On” (song by Motown singer Marvin Gaye), 258

”Let’s Go Forward” (song by Terence Trent D’Arcy), 66

Ted Levine, 299

Barry Levinson (filmmaker/director), 265, 266, 280

Terry Lewis (music producer), 195, 196, 291, 362, 363

William T. Lhamon (author of book Deliberate Speed), 233-234

Liberace (pianist), 138

”Liberian Girl” (song by singer Michael Jackson), 76

Licensed to Ill (album by rap group Beastie Boys), 259

Life (periodical), 32

”Lifestyles of the Blacks in the Brick” (song by rap group Son Of Bazerk), 251-252, 353

Lifetime (cable network), 213

”Lift Him Up” (song in musical play, The Gospel At Colonus), 101, 102

Like A Prayer (Madonna music video), xv, 128-132, 154, 238, 239

”Like A Prayer” (song by pop singer Madonna), 128

”Lil Ass Gee” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 414

”Lil Ghetto Boy” (song by Dr. Dre), 354, 414

Lillies Of The Field (film starring Sidney Poitier), 2

Abbey Lincoln (actress, singer), 112

Delroy Lindo (actor), 84, 322, 427

John Lithgow (actor), 102, 224

Little Darlings (film starring Kristy McNichol), 215

The Little Mermaid (Disney animated film), 329

”Little Red Corvette” (song by musician, pop, rock and roll singer Prince), 242

”A Little Somethin” (song by rapper L. L. Cool J), 354

Live at Budokan (album by metal band Cheap Trick), 88

Live In Concert (film starring comedian Richard Pryor), 13, 15

Live Squad (rap group), 425

”Live Where You Can” (song in musical play The Gospel At Colonus), 100

Lives of a Bengal Lancer (film), 119

Livin’ Large! (film), 230

Living Colour (rock and roll group), 87-89, 250

”Living for the City” (song by singer/musician Stevie Wonder), 34

LL Cool J (rapper)

            Audience of L. L. Cool J, 430

            Dr. Dre and L. L. Cool J, 354

            Ice Cube and L. L. Cool J, 412, 414

            Ice-T and L. L. Cool J, 79

            ”I’m Bad”, 77, 164, 165

            Jungle Fever and L. L. Cool J, 204

            Mama Said Knock You Out, 164-168, 217

            Marky Mark and L. L. Cool J, 258, 261

            Keith Sweat and L. L. Cool J, 291-292

            Walking With a Panther, 165, 166, 167, 217

Walt Lloyd (cinematographer of Robert Altman movie Short Cuts), 389

Andrew Lloyd Webber, 358

Richard Loeb, 293-300

Lollapalooza Tour, 432

Lonesome Dove (TV Program), 110

The Long Day Closes (film directed by Terence Davies), 290, 336-342, 427

Long Day’s Journey into Night (play), 62, 133-134, 169, 340, 427

Long Dong Silver, (pornographic film), 232

The Long Goodbye (film directed by Robert Altman), 440

Looking for Langston (film directed by Issac Julien), 295

Looking for Mr. Goodbar, (film), 361

”Lord, We Invite You Here” (song by gospel musical group, Clinton Utterbach and The Praisers), 129

Los Angeles Police, 378

The Los Angeles Times, 77, 441

Los Hooligans (firm owned by filmmaker/director Robrt Rodriguez), 346

”Louder Than A Bomb” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 104

Louis, Lil (musical producer), 363

Love and Money (film by filmmaker/director, screenwriter James Toback), 264

The Love Bug (Disney film), 184

”Love Child” (song by Motown musical group Diana Ross and The Supremes), 362

A Love In Germany (film starring Hanna Schygulla), 22

”Love Is A Contact Sport” (song sung by Whitney Houston), 68

Love Me Or Leave Me (film), 337

A Love Supreme (recording by jazz musician John Coltrane), 162

”Love to Hate You” (song by musical group Erasure), 335

Love Will Never Do (Janet Jackson music video), 194-197, 196-197

 ”Love Will Never Do (Without You)” (song sung by Janet Jackson), 194, 195

Love Your Mama (film directed by Ruby L. Oliver), 343-344, 346, 426

The Lover (film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud), 331

”Lover Man” (song sung by singer Barbra Streisand), 356

Lovesexy (album by musician, pop/rock and roll singer Prince), 90-92, 93, 129

Loving (TV Program), 396

Lowe, Chris Lowe (member of musical group Pet Shop Boys), 385-386

Ernst Lubitsch (filmmaker/director), 122

George Lucas (filmmaker/director)

            American Graffiti, 30, 32, 42, 124

            Cooley High and George Lucas, 34

            The Empire Strikes Back, 118

            Return Of The Jedi, 4

            Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, 118, 119, 420

            Star Wars, 120

Lucky Luciano (gangster in film Mobsters), 265

”Luck Be A Lady” (song sung by Barbra Streisand), 358

Lucky Star (Madonna music video), 131

Carl Lumbly (actor), 170, 321

Sidney Lumet (filmmaker/director), 179, 182

Patti LuPone (actress), 281

John Lydon (a.k.a Johnny Rotten, member of punk group Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd), 104, 158

Adrian Lyne, (filmmaker/director), 377

MC Lyte (rapper), 136, 301, 367-370






M. Butterfly (play by David Henry Hwang), 102

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (August Wilson play), 49, 85

Moms Mabley (comic, actress), 23

Diane McBain (actress, Warner Brothers contract youth of ’60s), 31

Cheryl McCall (co-director of documentary Streetwise), 31

Mary McCarthy, 37

Paul McCartney (singer, musician, member of Beatles), 76

Kirsty MacColl (British songwriter, singer ”Walking Down Madison”), 210-211, 212

Leigh McCormack (actor in Terence Davies film The Long Day Closes), 341

Hattie McDaniel (actress), 373

Darryl McDaniels (member of rap group Run-DMC), 71

Frances McDormand (actress), 389

Vonetta McGee (actress in To Sleep With Anger), 170, 171

Elizabeth McGovern (actress), 6

Lonette McKee (actress), 13, 14, 143, 204

Nina Mae MacKinney (actress), 130

Malcolm McLaren (music producer), 154

Fred MacMurray (actor), 230

Claudia McNeil (actress), 373

McNeil-Lehrer Newshour (TV Program), 205

Kristy McNichol (actress in Sam Fuller movie White Dog), 214, 215

Butterfly McQueen, 16

Frank McRae (actor in films Red Dawn, 1941), 7

John McTiernan (filmmaker/director), 378

Madame Butterfly (opera), 102

W. C. and the Madd Circle (musical group), 415-416

Made In U.S.A. (film), 126

Haki Madhubuti (author, poet), 255

”Madison” ”Walking Down Madison” (song), 211

Madonna (pop singer, actress)

            David Bowie and Madonna, 242-243

            Cherish and Madonna, 197

            Madonna in Dick Tracy, 195

            Janet Jackson and Madonna, 194, 360-363

            Like A Prayer, xv, 128-132, 154, 238, 239

            Tina Turner and Madonna, 365

            Vogue, 154

Madonna and Child (film), 338

The Magnificent Ambersons (film), 133, 169, 185, 337, 340

Albert Magnoli (director and editor of film Purple Rain starring Prince), 12, 15

Mahogany (film starring Diana Ross), 25, 53

Norman Mailer (writer), 177, 258, 264

”Make It Funky” (song by rapper Ice-T), 80

”Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 416

”Make Me Say Ooh!” (song by rapper/rap group Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch), 258

Make Room For Daddy (TV Program), 45

”Make You Sweat” (song by singer Keith Sweat), 292

”Makin’ Whoopee” (song in The Fabulous Baker Boys), 143

Malcolm X (el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz), 78, 103, 127, 312

Malcolm X (film), 319-328, 331

            ”A Change Is Gone Come” (Sam Cooke song) and Malcolm X, 423

            Crooklyn and Malcolm X, 427

            Schindler’s List and Malcolm X, 410

            Trespass and Malcolm X, 376

Malcolm X Academy (Detroit), 308

Louis Malle (filmmaker/director), 35

Mark Malone (actor in Matty Rich film, Straight Out Of Brooklyn), 206

Tina Malone (actress in Terence Davies film The Long Day Closes), 342

Julianne Malveaux (journalist), 314, 315

Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J album), 164-168, 217

”Mama’s Always on Stage” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 272

David Mamet (playwright, screenwriter), 8

Man Bites Dog (film), 381-382, 383

A Man Called Adam (film starring Sammy Davis Jr), 112, 162

”Man In The Mirror” (Michael Jackson song), 76, 243

The Man Who Lived Underground, (story by novelist Ricahrd Wright), 189

The Man Who Would Be King (film directed by John Huston starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine), 121

Nelson Mandela (human rights activist), 324, 327, 410

Mandingo (film), 8, 63

Manhattan (film directed by Woody Allen), 3, 60, 61

Michael Mann (filmmaker/director), 331-332, 377

”Mannequin” (Jean Rhys—caribbean writer), 57

”Mannish Boy” (song), 168

”Man’s Best Friend (is a gat)” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 286

Jayne Mansfield (actress), 196

Kiti Manver (actress in film directed by Pedro Almovodar, Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown), 98

El Mariachi (film directed by Robert Rodriguez), 346

Mary Ellen Mark (co-director of doocumentary Streetwise), 31

Pigmeat Markham (comedian), 93, 174

Marky Mark, (rapper, actor), 245, 257-263

Marley Marl (music producer), 164, 165, 166, 167, 292

Johnny Marr (co-composer of song ”Madison”  ”Walking Down Madison”), 211

Married To The Mob (film directed by Jonathan Demme), 142

Martha and the Vandellas (Motown musical group), 90

Dan Martin (character in HBO mini-series Laurel Avenue), 373

Lionel Martin (filmmaker/director), 270

Reginald Martin (Black scholar, co-editor of Erotique Noir/Black Erotica), 360

Groucho Marx (comic, actor), 64

Karl Marx, 69

Masculine-Feminine (film directed by Jean-Luc Godard), 34, 39

Pace Master Mase (rapper, member of rap group De La Soul), 136

Mask (film directed by Peter Bogdonovich), 34-35

Leopold von Sacher- Masoch, 294

Lynne Massie (subject of documentary Seventeen), 40

Master Of The House (film directod by Carl Dreyer), 341

Matador (film directed by Pedro Almovodar), 99

Matewan (film directed by John Sayles), 182

Johnny Mathis (singer), 358

Henri Matisse (painter), 201

Maude (TV Program), 172

Carmen Maura (actress in Pedro Almovodar’s Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown), 98

Curtis Mayfield (musician, singer), 13, 288

Paul Mazursky (filmmaker/director of film Moscow On The Hudson), 7, 280

Young MC (rapper), 260

MC Lyte (rapper) 136, 301, 367-370

M.C. Ren (rapper, member of rap group N.W.A.), 353

”Me and Mrs. Jones” (Billy Paul song), 233

”Me and My Shadow” (song in Terence Davies film, The Long Day Closes), 340

Me, Myself, an Eye (jazzz musician Charles Mingus composition), 136

”Me, Myself and I” (song by rap group De La Soul), 136, 218,

Mean Streets (film directed by Martin Scorsese),

            Ethnicity of Mean Streets, 126

            Honesty of Mean Streets, 161

            Kinetics of Mean Streets, 15

            ”Living for the City” and Mean Streets, 34

            Menace II Society and Mean Streets, 420

            Mo’ Better Blues and Mean Streets, 160

            Worldly-spiritual ambivalence in Mean Streets, 162

Russel Means (actor in director Michael Mann film, Last Of The Mohicans), 332

Nick Medley (actor in Haile Gerima film Sankofa), 423

Meet Me In St. Louis (film), 342

Mein Cock (film), 408

Melanie (singer), 393

John Cougar Mellencamp (rock and roll singer/musician), 199

Jean-Pierre Melville (filmmaker/director), 440

The Member of the Wedding (film), 115, 297

”Memories Can’t Wait” (Talking Heaeds song covered by band Living Colour), 88

Menace II Society (film), 347-351, 417-420

            Dr. Dre and Menace II Society, 352

            Laurel Avenue and Menace II Society, 371, 372, 373

            MTV ”Movie Award” for Menace II Society, 430

            Playwright criticism of Menace II Society, 374

            Press acclaim for Menace II Society, 376

Rick Menello (co-screenwriter of Rick Rubin movie Tougher Than Leather), 72

Merchant Ivory Productions (firm), 331

The Merchant of Four Seasons (film), 152

Metallica (metal band), 283-284

Ron Metcalf (musical director of musical play Williams & Walker), 51

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., 34, 207, 236, 337

Menno Meyjes (screenwriter of the films The Color Purple, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and Ricochet) 44, 120, 226, 227

Eric Meza (filmmaker/director of Public Enemy Can’t Truss It music video), 422

Miami Blues (film starring Jennifer Jason Leigh), 153

George Michael (pop singer), 66, 91, 210

Oscar Micheaux (filmmaker/director), 13, 28, 150, 231

Michel’le (singer), 414

Mickey Mouse Club, 36

Middletown (TV Program), 38

Bette Midler (singer), 365

Midnight Cowboy (film starring Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman), 53

A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (film directed by Woody Allen), 60

”Mighty Love” (song in film Crooklyn), 428

William Miles (documentarian), 25

John Milius (filmmaker/director/screenwriter), 408

Michael Milken, 261

”Milky Cereal” (song by rapper LL Cool J), 165, 167, 219

Henry Miller, (director of 1977’s Death Of A Dunbar Girl), 27

”Millie Pulled A Pistol on Santa” (song by rap group De La Soul), 218

Mind Benders (musical group), 261

”Mind Of A Lunatic” (song by rap group Geto Boys), 309, 311

”Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me” (song by rap group Geto Boys), 309

Charles Mingus (jazz musician), 136

Minneapolis sound, 248

Vincente Minelli (filmmaker/director), 135, 293, 340, 342

Mischief (film by Noel Black), 33

Les Miserables (Victor Hugo), 57

Miss LonelyHearts (film), 297

Mississippi Burning (film), 109-113

            The Blood Of Jesus and Mississippi Burning, 107

            Critical acclaim for Mississippi Burning, 110, 376-377

            Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Mississippi Burning, 120

            Like A Prayer and Mississsippi Burning, 132

            Simi Valley Aesthetics and Mississippi Burning, 384

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, 434

Joni Mitchell (singer, musician), 393-394

Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay, member of rap group Run-DMC), 71, 72

Mo’ Better Blues (film directed by Spike Lee), 160-163, 201

            Crooklyn and Mo Better Blues, 427

            The Five Heartbeats and Mo’ Better Blues, 198

            Malcolm X and Mo’ Better Blues, 321

            ”Mama Said Knock You Out” and Mo’ Better Blues, 164

            Ricochet and Mo’ Better Blues, 224

Mobsters (film), 265

Matthew Modine (actor), 37, 39, 40, 389

The Molly Maguires (film directed by Martin Ritt), 6

”Momma’s Gonna Die Tonight” (song by rapper Ice-T), 306

Money Don’t Mattter Tonight (Prince music video), 322

Isabell Monk (actress in The Gospel At Colonus), 101

Marilyn Monroe (actress), 99, 196

Monty Python (TV Program), 394

Monument Valley, 119

Lynne Moody (actress in White Dog), 215

Demi Moore (actress), 37, 377

Julianne Moore (actress), 389

Kaycee Moore (actress in film Bless Their Little Hearts), 21, 22, 268, 269

Rudy Ray Moore (comedian, actor), 139, 248

Jeanne Moreau (actress), 344

Audrey Morgan (actress in film Love Your Mama), 344

Giorgio Moroder (music producer), 246

Ennio Morricone (composer for films), 333

Jim Morrison (rock singer musician), 200, 321

Van Morrison (rock and roll band), 32-33

Morrissey (singer),

            Kill Uncle, 221-223

            Krays and Morrissey, 296

            Morrissey on news, 264

            Elvis Presley and Morrissey, 316-318

            Public Enemy and Morrissey, xvi

            ”Rubber Ring,” 337-338

            ”Walking Down Madison” and, 211

            Your Arsenal, xv, 307

Moscow on the Hudson (film), 2, 7

Bob Moses (civil rights activist), 434, 435

Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven (film), 152

Motown Records, 242, 248

”Move On” (song by Vince Clarke and Alison  Moyet — Yaz), 333, 358

Alison Moyet (female partner of Vince Clarke in band Yaz), 333

Mr. Mom (film with John Hughes as screenwriter), 185

Mr. Scarface Is Back (album by rapper Scarface), 311

Mr. T. (80s TV personality, actor), 45

”Mr. Wendel” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 272

MTV (Music Television, cable television channel),

            Complaints about MTV, 377

            Hiphop and MTV, 430

            Hughes Brothers and MTV, 347, 350, 351

            Ice Cube and MTV, 286

            Marky Mark and MTV, 260

            Rap and MTV, 275

            The Real World and MTV, 395-400

Elijah Muhammed (religious leader), 320

Russell Mulcahy (filmmaker/director), 226

Mules and Men (Zora Neale Hurston book), 276

Marilyn Mulford (co-director of documentary Freedom On My Mind), 433, 435

Paul Muni (actor), 5

Murmur of the Heart (film directed by Louis Malle), 35

Eddie Murphy (comic, actor)

            Eddie Murphy in Best Defense, 21

            Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, 31

            Boomerang, 292, 347, 383

            Coming To America, xvi, 94-97, 150

            David Edwards and Eddie Murphy, 399

            Exploitation of Eddie Murphy, 13

            Eddie Murphy in 48 HRS., 187, 188

            Eddie Murphy in The Golden Child, 59

            Robin Harris and Eddie Murphy, 172

            Grace Jones and Eddie Murphy, 57

            Norman Lear and Eddie Murphy, 173

            Robert Townsend and Eddie Murphy, 64

Albert Murray (critic, writer), 324

Jon Murray (syndicated TV salesman, created/produced MTV’s The Real World), 396

Muse Sick n Hour Mess Age (album by rap group Public Enemy), 431, 432

Museum of Modern Art (New York), 253, 322

Music for the People (album by rapper Marky Mark), 258, 259

”Music of the Night” (song by Barbra Streisand and Michael Crawford), 358

Muslim principles,103. See also Nation of Islam

Mutabaruka (reggae star in film Sankofa), 424

Floyd Mutrux (filmaker/director of film American Hot Wax), 36

”My Brother’s A Basehead” (song by rap group De La Soul), 218, 261

My Brother’s Wedding (film directed by Charles Burnett), 21, 26, 169

”My Buddy” (song by rap group De La Soul), 138

”My God Is A Powerful God” (song by rapper Sister Souljah), 303

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (recording/album), 104

My Life to Live (film by director Jean-Luc Godard), 41, 138

My Little Village (film), 140

”My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me” (song by rap group Geto Boys), 252

”My October Symphony” (song by Pet Shop Boys), 386

My Own Private Idaho (film starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix), 351, 374

”My Skin Is My Sin” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 415-416

”My Yiddishe Mama” (song in Terence Davies film Distant Voices, Still Lives), 134






”N-41” (song by rap group Son Of Bazerk), 250

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement Of Colored People), 213, 214, 215, 216, 255

Desmond Nakano (screenwriter of film Last Exit To Brooklyn), 151, 152

The Naked Kiss (film), 214

”The Name of The Lord” (gospel song by Clinton Utterbach and the Praisers), 129

Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 330

Nashville (film directed by Robert Altman), 4, 143, 176

            Distant Voices, Still Lives and Nashville, 340

            Laurel Avenue and Nashville, 372

            Purple Rain and Nashville, 15

            Short Cuts and Nashville, 388, 391

Nasty (Janet Jackson msuic video), 78, 130

The Nation (periodical), 378, 404

Nation Of Islam, 322, 415, see also Musilm principles

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 213, 214, 215, 216, 255

National Broadcasting Company (TV network, NBC), 213

”The National Front Disco” (song by Morrissey), 316, 317, 318

National Lampoon’s Vacation (film series), 185

National Organization for Women (NOW), 255

National Society of film Critics, 280

Native Son (1951 film adaptation of Richard Wright novel), 24

The Natural (film starring Robrt Redford), 6

”Natural” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 272

Naughty By Nature (rap group), 233-235, 260, 290, 291

Nazism, 122, 215, 403, 404, 407

NBC (National Broadcasting Company, TV network), 213

Liam Neeson (actor in Stevn Spielberg film Schindler’s List), 404

Jean Negulesco, 37

Sam Neill (actor in film The Piano), 392

Nelson George (journalist, movie producer, screenwriter), 276-277

Sean Nelson (actor in film Fresh), 436

”Nervous” (1990 song by musical group, The Pet Shop Boys), 386

Eliot Ness, 178

New American Cinema, 255

New Directors/New Films series, 253

New Jack City (film directed by Mario Van Peebles), 227, 251, 276

New Jersey Mass Choir, 131

New Kids on the Block (musical group, boy band), 258

The New Land (film directed by Jan Torell), 270

New Music Seminar, 307

New Musical Express (periodical), 55, 82, 331

New Order (musical group), 239, 272

The New Republic (periodical), 408

New Wave films, 176, 226, 336, 338, 440

New York (periodical), 324, 419, 440

New York Dolls (musical group), 75, 221

New York Film Critics Circle, 407, 417

New York Film Festival, 8, 253-254

New York Film Forum, 20, 213, 253, 433

New York, New York (film), 160

New York Post (newspaper), 203

The New York Times (newspaper)

            The New York Times on Black Joy, 256

            The New York Times on Black-Jewish relations, 314

            The New York Times on The Broadway Album (Barbra Streisand), 357

            disbelief of The New York Times, 182

            The New York Times on Fresh, 438

            The New York Times on The Gospel At Colonus, 100

            hiphoppers and The New York Times, 415

            The New York Times on Menace II Society, 417-418 419

            Op-ed section of The New York Times, 287

            Parody of The New York Times, 181

            The New York Times on Matty Rich, 205

            The New York Times on Schindler’s List, 408

            Tupac Shakur and The New York Times, 416

            The New York Times on Snoop Doggy Dogg, 430

            The New York Times on Strictly for My N. I. G. G. A. Z. (Tupac Shakur album), 411

New York University, 161

The New Yorker (periodical), 147, 274, 418, 420

Newark Black Film Festival, 28

Alfred Newman (composer of 20th Century-Fox fanfare), 341

Paul Newman (actor), 10, 53

Huey Newton (civil rights activist, member and founder of The Black Panther Party), 136, 137

Next Stop, Greenwich Village (film directed by Paul Mazursky), 7

Next Wave Fesitival, 100

”N-41” (song by rap group Son Of Bazerk), 250

Nicholas Brothers (dancers, actors), 196

Mike Nichols (filmmaker/director), 13

Stevie Nicks, (singer, member of pop/rock group Fleetwood Mac), 209

Eric Nies (MTV Real World participant/roomate, hsot of MTV’s The Grind), 396

Friedrich Nietzche, 295

Niggas with Attitude (rap group, N. W. A.), 155-156, 157, 166, 353

”Niggaz with Latitude” (Henry Louis Gates article in the New Yorker), 418

A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (film starring River Phoenix), 393

Night Of The Hunter (film directed by actor Charles Laughton), 125

”Night Of The Living Baseheads” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 104, 139

Nightclubbing (1981 album by disco singer Grace Jones), 55

”Nighttrain” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 310, 412

Nikki D, (rapper), 234, 345

1941 (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 2, 402, 403, 405, 407

1900 (film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci), 249

1999 (album by Prince), 76, 241

Willie Ninja (dancer), 154

Marcus Nispel (filmmaker/director), xiv, 190, 191

Cynthia Nixon (actress in play Servy-N-Bernice 4 Ever), 245

NKOTB (New Kids On The Block), 258

”No Nose Job” (song by rap group Digital Underground), 331

”No One Like You” (gospel song by Clinton Utterbach and the Praisers), 129

No Self-Control Band (musical group, part of rap group Son Of Bazerk), 248, 249

”Nobody” (Bert Williams song), 50

Nobody: An Evening with Bert Williams (muscial of Bert Williams songs and vaudeville routines assembled and structured by Vincent D. Smith), 48

Noel (singer of ”Silent Morning”, produced by Robert Cliviles and David Cole), 192

Nick Nolte (actor in Martin Scorsese film Cape Fear), 376

Norma Rae (film directed by Martin Ritt), 6

Nothing But A Man (film directed by Michael Roemer and Robert Young), 25, 112

”November Spawned A Monster” (song by Morrissey), 222

NOW (National Organization for Women), 255

”Now Let the Weeping Cease” (song in musical The Gospel At Colonus), 101

Bill Nunn (actor in film Do The Right Thing), 125

Sven Nykvist (cinematographer), 201






Austin O’Brien (actor, protagonist in film The Last Action Hero), 378

Obsession (film directed by Brian DePalma), 176

”The Obvious Child” (Paul Simon music video), 195

George T. Odom (actor in film Straight Out Of Brooklyn), 206, 207

Oedipus at Colonus (play by Sophocles), 100

Of Human Bondage (film starring Bette Davis and Leslie Howard), 23

Of The Heart, Of The Soul, Of The Spirit, and Of The Cross (album), 271

Off The Wall (album by Michael Jackson), 76, 241

An Officer and A Gentleman (film starring Richard Gere and Louis Gossett Jr), 8, 11

Ed O. G., (rapper from Boston), 260

O. G. : Original Gangster (album by rapper Ice-T), 217

Oyafunmike Ogunlano (model, actress in film Sankofa), 421

”Oh, L’amour” (song by musical group Erasure), 333

Catherine O’ Hara (actress in film Home Alone), 186

Old Testament, 129

Los Olvidados (film directed by Luis Bunuel), 206

Denise Oliver (screenwriter of Warrington Hudlin’s film Color), 27

Ruby L. Oliver, (filmmaker/director – ”Love Your Mama”), 343-344, 345, 346, 426

”On The Radio” (song by musical group Cheap Trick), 88

On The Waterfront (film directed by Elia Kazan), 151

”Once Upon A Time in the Projects” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 158

One False Move (film directed by Carl Franklin), 373

”One Hand, One Heart” (song by Barbra Streisand/Johnny Mathis), 358

”One In A Million” (song by musical group The Pet Shop Boys), 386

”One Perfect Rose” (Dorothy Parker), 57

One Potato, Two Potato (1964 film directed by Larry Peerce), 25, 112

”One Time for The Rebel” (song by rap group Son Of Bazerk), 250

One Trick Pony (film), 12

Alexander O’Neal (R & B singer), 66

Ron O’Neal (actor in film Superfly), 79

Eugene O’Neill, 62, 133-134, 169, 340, 427

”Oodles of O’s” (song by rap group De La Soul), 219

”Ooh Child” (song that influenced De La Soul song ”Talkin’ Bout Hey Love”), 219, 428

Open City (film), 21

”Open Letter to A Landlord” (song by musical group Living Colour), 88

”O. P. P.” (song by rap group Naughty By Nature), 233-235, 260, 367

Orientalism, 329, 361

Orphans Of The Storm (silent film directed by silent film director D. W. Griffith), 46, 408

Jeffrey Osborne (R & B singer), 66

Oscars see Academy Awards

Sam O’Steen (editor, filmmaker/director of film Sparkle), 13

Idrissa Ouedraogo (filmmaker/director of film Yaaba), 139-141, 201, 270

Noufou Ouedraogo (actor in film Yaaba), 140

”Our Most Requested Record” (song by rapper Ice-T), 81

Our Town (play by Thornton Wilder), 336, 341

Out Of Africa (film directed by Sydney Pollack), 96, 120

Outrageous Fortune (film), 96

The Outsiders (film directed by Francis Ford Coppola), 31, 33, 34, 176

Ayse Owens (actress in Terence Davies film The Long Day Closes), 342

Yasujiro Ozu (filmmaker/director), 134, 341






Pace Master Mase (rapper, member of rap group De La Soul), 136

Al Pacino (actor), 332

I Pagliacci (opera). 50

”Paint It Black” (song by musical group The Rolling Stones), 83

Robert Palmer (critic), 283

Joseph Papp (theatre director), 116

Parade (album by Prince, soundtrack to film Under The Cherry Moon), 52, 55-56

Paramount Pictures Corporation, 106, 213, 214, 215, 216

Paramount Theater (New York City), 316

Paris (rapper), 319

Paris Blues (film starring Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier), 53

Paris Is Burning (film, documentary) 253, 254

Alan Parker (filmmaker/director),

            The Blood Of Jesus and Alan Parker, 107

            Shoot The Moon, 4, 169, 427

            Unscroupulousness of Alan Parker, 110-111, 337

            White audiences and Alan Parker, 109

Dorothy Parker, 57

Gordon Parks (photographer, filmmaker/director of Leadbelly), 162

Parliaments (musical group led by funk musician George Clinton), 353

The Parson’s Widow (film directed by Carl Dreyer), 141

The Partridge Family (TV Program), 425

A Passage to India (film directed by David Lean), 121

A Patch of Blue (film starring actor Sidney Poitier), 112

Pather Panchali (film directed by Satyajit Ray), 5, 21, 140, 206, 436

Jason Patric (actor in film After Dark My Sweet), 161

Billy Paul (singer of song, ”Me And Mrs. Jones”), 233

Prince Paul (music producer), 137

Paul’s Boutique (album by The Beastie Boys), 138

Bill Paxton (actor in film One False Move), 373

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), 28, 40

            American Playhouse, 24, 207

            The Civil War, 377

            The Gospel at Colonus, 100

            McNeil-Lehrer Newshour, 205

            Middletown, 38

            Praise House, 269

”Peace” (song by rapper Marky Mark Wahlberg), 261

Peanuts (comic strip by Charles Schultz), 426

”Pease Porridge” (song by rap group De La Soul), 219

Gregory Peck (actor in film Gentleman’s Agreement), 266

Sam Peckinpah, (filmmaker/director), 118, 255

Larry Peerce (filmmaker/director of 1964 film One Potato, Two Potato), 25

Peking Opera, 102

Teddy Pendergrass (R & B singer), 246

Arthur Penn (filmmaker/director ”Bonnie and Clyde”), 1, 379

Chris Penn (actor in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 389

Sean Penn (actor in Brian DePalma film Casualties Of War), 180

Pennies from Heaven (film directed by Herbert Ross starring Steve Martin), 4, 134

People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (album by rap group A Tribe Called Quest), 217

Rosie Perez (actress in Do The Right Thing), 123, 124

Anthony Perkins (actor), 297, 298, 299, 300

Edmund Perry (Black private school student murdered by white cops), 77, 131

Shauneille Perry (staged musical play Williams & Walker), 50

Persian Gulf War, 185-186, 210

Persona (film directed by Ingmar Bergman), 394

Pet Shop Boys (musical group), 334, 385-387

Jon Peters (film executive), 175

Shep Pettibone (songwriter/music producer ”Vogue”), 154, 361

Michelle Pfeiffer (actress), 142-145, 150, 196

”A Phatasmagorical Entertainment” (musical group Erasure’s touring show), 333

Phantom Of The Paradise (film directed by Brian DePalma), 35, 36, 176

Phedre (play), 269

Anna Hamilton Phelan (screenwriter of film Mask), 35

Phil Donahue Show (TV Program), 380

Philadelphia (film directed by Jonathan Demme), 434

Joseph C. Phillips (actor in film Strictly Business), 229, 230, 231

River Phoenix (actor), 120, 393

The Piano (film directed by Jane Campion), 392-394

Pablo Picasso, (painter) 43

The Pick Up Artist (film directed by James Toback), 264

Pick Up On South Street (film directed by Sam Fuller), 214

Wilson Pickett, (singer), 66, 67

A Piece Of The Action (film directed by Sidney Poitier and starring himself and Bill Cosby), 77

Pimp (book by Iceberg Slim), 81

”Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (Somebody Gotta Do It)” (song by rapper Ice-T), 81

Pimps, Players and Private Eyes (compilation album), 443

Jada Pinkett (actress in film Menace II Society), 348, 349, 350

Zasuo Pitts (actor in Stroheim silent film Greed), 377

A Place In The Sun (film), 297

A Place In Time (1977 film directed by Charles Lane), 27

Places In The Heart (film directed by Robert Benton), 2-3, 4-5, 6

            Hollywood awareness of Places In The Heart, xv

            An Officer and a Gentleman and Places In The Heart, 8

            Purple Rain and Places In The Heart, 15

            A Soldier’s Story and Places In The Heart, 10

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (film), 185

”Play That Funky Music, White Boy” (1975 song by Average White Band or Wild Cherry), 87

The Player (film directed by Robert Altman), 441

The Pleasure Principle (Janet Jackson music video), 194

Suzanne Plesbette (actress), 31

Amanda Plummer (actress in film Pulp Fiction), 440

Glenn Plummer (actor in film South Central), 349

PM Dawn (musical group), 271, 272

Poetic Justice (film directed by John Singleton starring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur), 371

Poison (film directed by Todd Haynes), 254, 296

Sidney Poitier (actor, filmmaker/director),

            direction by Sidney Poitier, 26

            eclipse of Sidney Poitier, 3

            Danny Glover and Sidney Poitier, 47

            Sidney Poitier in Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, 202

            Michael Jackson and Sidney Poitier, 77

            Sidney Poitier in Paris Blues, 53

            J. C. Phillips and Sidney Poitier, 231

            Sidney Poitier in Pressure Point, 216

            Sidney Poitier in race-sensitive films, 112

            relative importance of Sidney Poitier, 256

            representativeness of Sidney Poitier, 10

            Ricochet and Sidney Poitier, 225

            A Soldier’s Story and Sidney Poitier, 9

Sydney Pollack (filmmaker/director), 143, 280

”Pollywannacracka” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 203

Gillo Pontecorvo (filmmaker/director, Battle Of Algiers) 408, 423

”Poor Jenny” (song by rap group De La Soul), 362

Pop! (album by musical group Erasure), 334

Porgy and Bess (opera by George Gershwin), 102

Porkys (film), 39

Saint Martin de Porres, 130

Posdonus (rapper from group De La Soul), 136, 137

”Potholes In My Lawn” (song by rap group De La Soul), 138

Dennis Potter, 134

Colin Powell, 322

Kevin Powell (writer, journalist, MTV Real World participant/roomate), 398

Laurence Powell (police officer who helped beat Rodney King), 382

Ann Power (journalist), 351

John Powers (journalist), 296

Prairie House (PBS film by Julie Dash), 269

Praisers (gospel music group), 129

”Praying For Time” (song by George Michael), 210

”Precious Lord, Take My Hand” (gospel song used in film Sankofa), 423, 424

”Precious Memories” (song by Sister Rosetta Tharpe in film To Sleep With Anger), 170

The Predator (album by rapper Ice Cube), 411-413

Premiere (periodical), 254

Elvis Presley (rock and roll singer)

            Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, 75

            Morrissey and Elvis Presley, 316, 317

            Michelle Pfeiffer and Elvis Presley, 142

            Prince and Elvis Presley, 12

            Public Enemy and Elvis Presley, 327

Pressure Point (film starring Sidney Poitier), 112, 216

Presumed Innocent (film), 176, 227

Pretty Woman (film starring Ricahrd Gere and Julia Roberts), 186, 232

Richard Price (novelist, screenwriter of Michael Jackson ”Bad” film/music video directed by Martin Scorsese), 76, 77

Prince (rock/pop/R & B singer, music producer, actor)

            The Black Album, 90, 92-93, 250

            Terence Trent D’Arcy and Prince, 66

            Gospel music and Prince, 128

            Michael Jackson and Prince, 76

            Spike Lee and Prince, 322

            ”Little Red Corvette”, 242

            Living Colour and Prince, 88

            Lovesexy, 90-92, 93, 129

            Mainstream success of Prince, 325

            1999 (album by Prince), 241

            Purple Rain see Purple Rain (film)

            Son Of Bazerk and Prince, 248, 250

            Speech (of rap group Arrested Development) and Prince, 271

            Under The Cherry Moon, 52-54, 55-56

Akili Prince (actor in Bill Gunn play The Forbidden City), 114, 117

Prince Jahwell (rapper from group Son Of Bazerk), 249

Prince of The City (film directed by Sidney Lumet), 182

The Prince Of Tides (film directed by Barbra Streisand), 336

Prince Paul (music producer), 137

Principles of Physical Geology (Arthur Holm textbook), 341

Private Dancer (Tina Turner music video), 365

”Private Dancer” (Tina Turner song written by Mark Knopfler), 364-365

Professor Griff (member of rap group Public Enemy), 431

”Proud Mary” (Tina Turner/Ike Turner song), 364, 365

”Proud To Be From Compton?” (comic Robin Harris album track), 174

Marcel Proust, 337

Provincetown Playhouse, 244

Richard Pryor (comic, actor)

            Black comics and Richard Pryor, 172, 173

            Richard Pryor in Car Wash, 413

            Richard Pryor in Jo Jo Dancer Your Life is Calling, 49, 62

            Grace Jones and Richard Pryor, 57

            Richard Pryor in Live In Concert film, 13

            Eddie Murphy and Ricahrd Pryor, 96

            J. C. Phillips and Richard Pryor, 231

            Richard Pryor in Superman III, 13

            Richard Pryor in The Toy, 13

Psycho (film directed by Alfred Hitchcock), 297, 298-299

”P. T. L. Show” (TV Program), 129

Public Broadcasting Service see PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)

Public Enemy (rap group), xiv

            Black or White and Public Enemy, 239

            Chuck D. and Public Enemy, 155

            De La Soul and Public Enemy, 217

            disrespect for Public Enemy, 285

            Do The Right Thing and Public Enemy, 123, 125

            Dr. Dre and Public Enemy, 355

            Yusef Hawkins and Public Enemy, 413

            Ice Cube and Public Enemy, 412

            Ice-T and Public Enemy, 306

            It Takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, xv, 103-105, 217, 352, 430

            Jungle Fever and Public Enemy, 203

            LL Cool J and Public Enemy, 166, 167

            mainstream ideology and Public Enemy, 430, 431-432

            Marky Mark and Public Enemy, 262

            Lionel Martin and Public Enemy, 270

            Morrissey and Public Enemy, xvi

            ”Night Of The Living Baseheads”, 104, 139

            N. W. A. And Public Enemy, 156, 157

            pop tradition and Public Enemy, 327

            rhetoric of Public Enemy, 288

            Ricochet and Public Enemy, 226

            Rolling Stone on Public Enemy, 429

            Rick Rubin and Public Enemy, 71

            Run-DMC and Public Enemy, 72

            Eric Sadler and Public Enemy, 302

            Sankofa and Public Enemy, 423

            Sister Souljah and Public Enemy, 301

            3 Feet High and Rising and Public Enemy, 136

            Willie D and Public Enemy, 311

            Yo! Bum Rush The Show, 82-83

Public Image Ltd. (musical group with John Lydon), 104, 158

Public Theater (New York), 114

Giacomo Puccini, 102

Willard Pugh (actor in Steven Spielberg film The Color Purple), 47

Pulp Fiction (film directed by Quentin Tarantino), 439-443

”Pump It Up” (song by Elvis Costello), 242

Puppies (musical group), 430

Purple Rain (film), xiv, 2, 11-13, 14-15, 16

            Goonies and Purple Rain, 37

            Under The Cherry Moon and Purple Rain, 52, 53

The Purple Rose Of Cairo (1985 film directed by Woody Allen), 24, 60, 378-380, 383

”Put the Blame on Mame” (song/striptease performed by Rita Hayworth in 1946 film Gilda), 144

Putney Swope (film directed by Robert Downey), 29, 348

”P. Y. T.” (song by pop singer Michael Jackson), 76






Q&A (film directed by Sidney Lumet), 176, 182

Dan Quayle, (vice-president), 377

Queen Latifah (rapper), 234, 301, 302, 304






David Rabe (playwright, Streamers), 8

Racing with the Moon (film directed by Steve Kloves), 142

Radio (album by rapper LL Cool J), 165

Radio City Music Hall, 364

Radio Days (film directed by Woody Allen), 58-64, 124

Radioactive (recording), 259

Raging Bull (film directed by Martin Scorsese), 126, 321

Ragtime (E. L. Doctorow), 121

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 120, 122

Rain (Madonna music video directed by Mark Romanek), 361

Rain Man, (film directed by Barry Levinson), 123, 336

Gertrude (”Ma”) Rainey, 50

”Raining Revolution” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 273

A Raisin In The Sun (film starring Sidney Poitier), 10

A Raisin In The Sun (play by Lorraine Hansberry), 63

Raising Cain (film directed by Brian DePalma), 378, 379

Sheryl Lee Ralph (actress), 170

Rambo (film starring Sylvester Stallone), 63, 375

Rap-A-Lot Records (Houston, Texas based rap record label), 311

Rashomon (film directed by Akira Kurosawa), 126

Rattle and Hum (concert film on band U2), 128

Raw (Eddie Murphy concert film), 95

Daddy Rawe (member of rap group Son Of Bazerk), 249, 251

Satyajit Ray (filmmaker/director)

            Characters of Satyajit Ray, 5, 6

            Ernest Dickerson and Satyajit Ray, 201

            I Ouedraogo and Satyajit Ray, 140

            Matty Rich and Satyajit Ray, 206

            Billy Woodberry and Satyajit Ray, 21

            Boaz Yakin and Satyajit Ray, 436, 437

Razorback (film directed by Russell Mulcahy), 226

Reagan administration

            Tami Akbar and 397

            Black comics and the Reagan administration, 172

            Bugsy (film directed by Barry Levinson) and the Reagan administration, 265

            Casualties of War (film directed by Brian DePalma) and the Reagan administration, 175

            Do The Right Thing and the Reagan administration, 175

            The Fabulous Baker Boys and the Reagan administration, 145

            frustrations of the Reagan administration, 376

            John Hughes and the Reagan administration, 185

            Marky Mark and the Reagan administration, 261

            Media and the Reagan administration, 377

            Mississippi Burning and the Reagan admisnistration, 110

            Purple Rose Of Cairo and the Reagan administration, 379

            Tina Turner and the Reagan administration, 365

            white working class and the Reagan administration, 225

Reagan Presidential Library, 384

Real Life (1979 Albert Brooks film), 395

The Real World (TV Program, Reality show on MTV), 395-400

Reality (musical group starring Tami Akbar), 395, 398

”Really Doe” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 414, 415

Rebel Without A Cause (film starring James Dean), 32, 297

Reckless (film), 33

The Reckless Moment (1947 film), 147

”Recording Blackness: The Visual Rhetoric of Black Independent Film” (film series at Whitney Museum curated by Yale professor James E. Snead), 24, 27

Red Dawn (film directed by John Milius), 7, 37

Otis Redding (singer), 66, 158, 248

Redeeming Love Christian Center (Nanuet, N.Y.), 129

Robert Redford (actor), 6, 57

Reds (film directed by and starring Warren Beatty), 4

Ishmael Reed, 255

Jimmy Reed (blues singer), 168

Lou Reed (musician, singer), 260, 261, 317

Rex Reed (film critic, actor), 254

Regency Theater (New York), 14

Christopher Reid (rapper, actor, member of rap group Kid-n-Play), 174

Vernon Reid (musician, member/founder of rock band Living Colour), 87-89

Rob Reiner (actor, filmmaker/director), 61

Remember The Time (Michael Jackson music video directed by John Singleton), 279

MC Ren (rapper from group N. W. A.), 353

Jean Renoir (filmmaker/director), 21, 373

Repo Man (film directed by Alex Cox), xiv, 17-19

            Black actors in Repo Man, 4

            Menace II Society and Repo Man, 348

            Pulp Fiction and Repo Man, 443

            rock music and Repo Man, 31

            Tougher Than Leather and Repo Man, 72

Reservoir Dogs (film directed by Quentin Tarantino), 439

Alain Resnais (filmmaker/director), 267

”Respect” (Aretha Franklin song), 288

The Responsive Eye (film directed by Brian DePalma), 175

Return Of The Jedi, (film), 4

Revolution (film starring Al Pacino), 332

Revolution (musical group founded by Prince), 53, 91

”Revolution” (1988 song), 431

”Revolutionary Generation” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 219, 363

Debbie Reynolds (singer), 342

Ving Rhames (actor, Casualties Of War, Pulp Fiction), 179, 439

Rhapsody in August (film), 409

Rhode Island School Of Design, 132

Rhyme Pays (album by rapper Ice-T), 79-81

Jean Rhys, 57

Rhythm Is a Dancer (music video starring group SNAP), 387

”Rhythm Nation” (Janet Jackson song), 363

The Rhythm Nation Compilation (Janet Jackosn music video collection), 194-195, 196

Frank Rich (journalist), 408

Matty Rich (filmmaker/director), 205-208, 350, 418

Keith Richards (musician, member of musical group The Rolling Stone), 75

Lloyd Richards (theatre director), 85

Sy Richardson (actor in To Sleep with Anger), 170

William Richert, 176

Slick Rick (rapper), 80, 157, 165, 219, 414

Don Rickles (comic), 7

Ricochet (film starring Denzol Washington), 224-228

Chuck D. Ridenhour, see Chuck D (rapper)

The Right Stuff (film dirocted by Philip Kaufman), 3, 4

The Right Stuff, (Tom Wolfe), 182

”Rightstarter” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 83

Larry Riley (actor in film A Soldier’s Story), 10

”Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)” (song by rap group De La Soul), 218, 219

Molly Ringwald (actress in film Sixteen Candles), 39

”Rise” (song by musical group Public Image Ltd), 158

Rising Sun (film starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes), 382-383, 384

Risky Business (film starring Tom Cruise), 19, 39

Michael Ritchie (filmmaker/director ”Smile”), 94

Martin Ritt (filmmaker/director),

            Paris Blues, 53

            Sounder see Sounder (film)

            sympathies of Martin Ritt, 5-6

            Boaz Yakin and Martin Ritt, 437

Herb Ritts (photographer), 194, 196, 197

”The Roach” (song on Dr. Dre The Chronic album), 354-355

Tim Robbins (actor in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 389

Smokey Robinson (Motown singer), 67

Roc (TV Show starring Charles Dutton), 371

Chris Rock (comic, actor), 172

”Rock ’Em, Sock ’Em Robots” (toy), 425

”R. O. C. K. in the U. S. A.” (John Cougar Mellencamp music video), 199

Rockefeller family, 185

”Rockin It” (song), 136

Rocky (film starring Sylvester Stallone), 1

Nile Rodgers, (musical producer, musician, member of band Chic), 56

Simon Rodia (architect ? of Watts Towers), 227

”Rodney K” (song by rapper Willie D), xv, 309-315, 323

Robert Rodriguez (filmmaker/director), 346

Michael Roemer (co-director of 1964 film Nothing But A Man), 25

Alva Rogers (actress in film Daughters Of The Dust), 268, 269

Kenny Rogers (singer), 129

Willie Rogers (performer in The Gospel at Colonus), 101

Roland (music producer of rapper Willie D), 311

Esther Rolle (actress), 147, 373

”A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturdays” (song by rap group De La Soul), 230

”Rollin’ wit the Lench Mob” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 158

Rolling Stone (periodical), 430

            Rolling Stone in montage in film The Five Heartbeats, 200

            George Lucas and Rolling Stone, 32

            Menace II Society and Rolling Stone, 417

            Bette Midler and Rolling Stone, 365

            Rolling Stone on Public Enemy, 429

Rolling Stones (musical group)

            Beatles and Rolling Stones, 217

            Black or White and Rolling Stones, 237

            Chuck D and Rolling Stones, 83

            Terence Trent D’ Arcy and Rolling Stone, 67

            Vernon Reid and Rolling Stone, 88

Howard E. Rollins, Jr (actor in film A Soldier’s Story), 9, 10

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, 384

Room 222, (TV Program), 39

Roots (TV mini-series), 8, 63, 408

Rope (film directed by Alfred Hitchcock), 294, 296, 297, 299

Axl Rose (rock singer, member of group Guns N Roses), 317

Seth Avi Rosenfeld (playwright, Servy-N-Bernice 4 Ever), 244-246

Annie Ross (actress in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 391

Diana Ross (Motown singer, actress)

            Color and Diana Ross, 27

            Come Back To Me and Diana Ross, 196

            Terence Trent D’Arcy and Diana Ross, 66

            Hiphop and Diana Ross, 302

            Janet Jackson and Diana Ross, 363

            Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, 74

            Grace Jones and Diana Ross, 57

            Prince and Diana Ross, 12

            Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross, 68

Herbert Ross (filmmaker/director, Pennies From Heaven), 134

Steve Ross (Warner Brothers president), 404

Eric Roth (screenwriter of film Forrest Gump), 434

Tim Roth (actor in film Pulp Fiction), 440, 442

Johnny Rotten (member of Sex Pistols, punk singer, musician), 305

Round & Round (Tevin Campbell music video), 239

Round Midnight (film), 162

Henri Rousseau, 96

Roxy Music (musical group), 88

Soumendu Roy (cinematographer for filmmaker/director Satyajit Ray), 201

”Rubber Ring” (song by Morrissey), 337-338

Rick Rubin (music producer), 71, 72, 73, 103

Alan Rudolph (filmmaker/director), 142-143

Ruffneck (recording by rapper MC Lyte), 367-369

”Ruffneck” (song by rapper MC Lyte), 370

Rumble Fish (film directed by Francis Ford Coppola)

            Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Rumble Fish, 33

            Mask and Rumble Fish, 35

            private quality of Rumble Fish, 176

            Streetwise and Rumble Fish, 32

            visual style of Rumble Fish, 34

            youth documentaries and Rumble Fish, 31

Run-DMC (rap group), 71-72, 73

RuPaul (singer), xv, xvi, 289-290, 361

Rush Artists Management, 71

RUSH Productions (firm), 276

John Ruskin (art critic), 384

Monte Russell (actor in HBO cable mini-series Laurel Avenue), 372

Vito Russo (author of book The Celluloid Closet), 296

Carl Ryder (music producer, rap group Public Enemy), 103






Beth S., (MTV Real World participant/roommate), 397

S1W (visual foil of rap group Public Enemy), 157

Nicola Sacco, 294

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, 294

”Sad but True” (song), 284

 Eric Sadler (music producer for rap group Public Enemy), 302

Edward Said, 329

St. Elmo’s Fire. (film starring Demi Moore), 29, 30, 36, 37

Saint Etienne (musical group – song ”You’re In A Bad Way”), 363

Raymond St. Jacques, (actor), 14

Meredith Salenger (actress in film A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon), 393

Salvador (film directed by Oliver Stone), 180

”Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long” (song performed by Barbra Streisand), 358

Ann D. Sanders (actress in film Straight Out Of Brooklyn), 206

”Sanford & Son” (TV Program starring comic Redd Foxx), 85, 94, 95, 172

Fatimata Sanga, (actor in film Yaaba) 140, 141

Sankofa (film), 421-424

Santa Barbara (TV Program), 396

Sarah Lawrence College, 175

Andrew Sarris (critic), 404

Saturday Night Fever (film), 31, 124

Saturday Night Live (TV Program), 18

Sauve qui peut/La Vie (film directed by Jean-Luc Godard), 380, 382

John Savage (actor in film Do The Right Thing), 126

Scarface (Howard Hawks film: 1931), 419

Scarface (Brian DePalma film: 1983)

            Stanley Crouch on Scarface, 419

            Godfather Part III and Scarface, 177

            Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface 144, 145

            The Untouchables and Scarface, 178, 266

Scarface (rapper), 311

”Scary But Fun” (Grace Jones song), 57

Scene Of The Crime (film directed by Andre Techine), 339

Jon Schecter (co-founder of hip-hop magazine The Source), 431

Claudia Schiffer (model), 196

Schindler’s List (film directed by Steven Spielberg), 401-410, 424

Tom Schlachet (actor in film Swoon), 295

John Schlesinger (filmmaker/director), 37

School Daze (film directed by Spike Lee)

            Coming To America and School Daze, 95, 96

            Do The Right Thing and School Daze, 123, 126

            Jungle Fever and School Daze, 203

            New York, New York and School Daze, 160

Paul Schrader (fimmaker/director/screenwriter), 6

Michael Schultz (filmmaker/director), 26, 34

Charles Schultz (comic strip artist), 426

Joel Schumacher (filmmaker/director/screenwriter), 13

Delamore Schwartz (In Dreams Begin Responsibilty), 29

Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor), xiv, 256, 378, 382

Michael Schwerner, (civil rights/voter registration volunteer murdered), 109

Hanna Schygulla (actress in film A Love In Germany), 22

Anabella Sciorra (actress in Jungle Fever), 202

Martin Scorsese (filmmaker/director)

            Walter Hill and Martin Scorsese, 376

            Michael Jackson and Martin Scorsese, 74, 76, 77

            King Of Comedy, 7

            The Last Temptation of Christ, 112-113, 132, 176

            Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese, 126, 160, 161, 163, 321

            Mean Streets see Mean Streets (film)

            Menace II Society and Martin Scorsese, 350

            New York, New York, 160

            Edmund Perry and Martin Scorsese, 131

            Racial ambiguities of Martin Scorsese, 255

            Raging Bull, 126, 321

            Ricochet and Martin Scorsese, 226

            Spirituality and Martin Scorsese, 107

            Taxi Driver see Taxi Driver (Film)

            Who’s That Knocking at My Door?, 34, 126, 160

Ridley Scott (filmmaker/director), 331, 332, 377

Gil Scott-Heron, (poet), 161

Kriston Scott-Thomas, (actress in film Under The Cherry Moon), 53

Scottsboro Boys, 294

Scritti Politti (musical group), 286, 288

Seagal, Steven (actor), 378

Search for Tomorrow (TV Program), 396

The Searchers (film directed by John Ford), 1, 406

The Second Barbra Streisand Album, 356

”Second Hand Rose” (song sung by Barbra Streisand), 358

The Secret of My Success (film), 229

Seduction (musical group, sang ”Heartbeat”), 192

Susan Seidelman, 25

Hubert Selby Jr. (author of book Last Exit To Brooklyn), 151, 153

Ousmane Sembene (filmmaker/director), 140, 201, 270

”Sensitivity” (song by singer Ralph Tresvant), 291

Julieta Serrano (actress in film Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown), 98

Servy-N-Bernice 4 Ever (play), 244-246

Sesame Street (TV Program), 23

”Seven More Days” (traditional gospel song), 66

Seventeen (film), 31, 38-39, 40, 40-41, 42

Sam Sever (music producer for 3rd Bass, member of rap group Downtown Science), 259

Adrienne Lanier Seward (from Colorado College, curated Spencer Williams film series at Whitney Museum), 106

”Sex” (song by rapper Ice-T), 80, 81

sex, lies and videotape (film), 152, 280, 383

Sex Pistols (musical group, punk), 31, 41, 217

”Sexuality” (song by musical group Erasure), 333

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (film), 12

Shadow Of A Doubt (film directed by Alfred Hitchcock), 299

Shadows, (1960 film directed by John Cassavetes), 25

Shaft (film), 245

Robbie Shakespeare, Robbie, (Sly and Robbie) 55

Tupac Shakur (rapper, actor), 411, 416

Shampoo, (film), 229

Ntozake Shange (playwright), 43

Shanghai Gesture (film), 188

Roxanne Shante (rapper), 301

Al Shapton, (civil rights activist), 182, 226

Martin Sheen (actor), 18

Sheila E. (musician, drummer, percussionist, actress, singer), 93

Sherlock Jr. (silent film directed by Buster Keaton), 380

She’s Gotta Have It (film directed by Spike Lee), xv

            Do The Right Thing and She’s Gotta Have It, 123, 126

            Menace II Society and She’s Gotta Have It, 420

            Mo’ Better Blues and Shes Gotta Have It, 162

            Take It Off! And She’s Gotta Have It, 56

            Who’s That Knocking at My Door? And She’s Gotta Have It, 160

The Shining (film directed by Stanley Kubrick), 7

Shock Corridor (film directed by Sam Fuller), 214

Hank Shocklee (musical producer of rap group Public Enemy, music executive), 83

            Son Of Bazerk and Hank Shocklee, 248, 249-250

            Public Enemy and Hank Shocklee, 103

            white rappers and Hank Shocklee, 259

Shoeshine (film directed by Vittorio DeSica), 5, 206, 436

Shoot The Moon (film directed by Alan Parker), 4, 169, 427

”Shoplifters of the World Unite” (song by Morrissey), 316

Short Cuts (film directed by Robert Altman), 388-391

”The Show” (song by rappers Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew, with MC Ricky Dee/Slick Rick), 219

Show Boat (Ferber), 46

”Shwingalokate” (song by rap group De La Soul), 220

Sid and Nancy (film directed by Alex Cox), 443

Benjamin Siegel, 264, 265, 266

Sign O’ The Times (Prince concert film), 91, 92, 256

”Sign Your Name across My Heart” (song by Terence Trent D’Arby), 66

The Signifying Monkey (Henry Louis Gates), 310

The Silence (film directed by Ingmar Bergman), 394

The Silence Of The Lambs (film directed by Johnathan Demme), 256, 282, 299

”Silent Morning” (song by singer Noel, produced by David Cole and Robert Cliviles), 192

Joel Silver (movie producer), 225, 227

Alan Silvestri (did score for film Ricochet), 226

Joseph Simmons (rapper RUN, member of rap group Run-DMC), 71

Russell Simmons (music porducer, record executive), 276

John Simon (film critic), 417

Neil Simon (playwright), 59, 61, 62

Paul Simon (singer), 195

Nina Simone, (singer) 56

Donnie Simpson (TV personality, radio personality), 69, 290

Simpson-Mazzoli bill, 7

Frank Sinatra, (singer), 239

Madge Sinclair (actress in film Conrack), 7-8, 408

Sing a New Song (album by Clinton Utterbach and the Praisers), 129

Lori Singer (actress in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 391

Singin’ In The Rain, (film starring Gene Kelly), 240

John Singleton (filmmaker/director),

            Boyz N The Hood see Boyz N The Hood

            Hughes Brothers and John Singleton, 349, 350, 418

            John Singleton on Steven Seagal audiences, 378

Gary Sinise (actor in film Forrest Gump), 435

Douglas Sirk (filmmaker/director), 152, 182, 296

Sister Souljah, (activist, rapper), 285, 286, 301-305, 307, 328

Sisters (film directed by Brian DePalma), 176

”Situation” (song by group Yaz), 333

”6 In The Morning” (song by rapper Ice-T), 80, 104

”Six Minutes Of Pleasure” (song by rapper LL Cool J), 165

Sixteen Candles (film starring Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael-Hall), 39, 185

Muzz Skillings (bass player for rock band Living Colour), 87

Sky Captain (film directed by Mary Nemma Barnette), 27, 29

Slaveship (film by Amiri Baraka), 422

The Sleeping Car Murders (film), 346

The Slender Thread (film directed by Sydney Pollack starring Sidney Poitier), 112

Slick Rick (rapper), 80, 157, 165, 219, 414

Iceberg Slim (author), 78, 79, 81

Curtis Sliwa, 286

Barry Slotnick, 226

Sly and The Family Stone (musical group), 87, 271, 288

Smile (film by filmmaker/director Michael Ritchie), 94

Peter Smillie (filmaker/director of Janet Jackson music video Escapade), 195

Bessie Smith (singer), 46, 50

James Todd Smith see LL Cool J (rapper)

Vincent D. Smith (musical play Nobody: An Evening with Bert Williams), 48-51

Smiths (musical group), 31, 316, 317, 334, 386

”Smooth Criminal” (song sung by Michael Jackson), 76

Snap (musical group), 387

James A. Snead (Yale professor, curator of Whitney Museum film series ”Recording Blackness: the Visual Rhetoric of Black Independent Film”), 24, 27

Sneak Previews (TV Show), 380

Wesley Snipes (actor in Jungle Fever, Rising Sun), 202, 382

Snoop Doggy Dogg (rapper), 413

            Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg 352, 353

            Ice Cube and Snoop Doggy Dogg, 414

            NKOTB and Snoop Doggy Dogg, 258

            Toure on Snoop Doggy Dogg, 430

Michael Snow, 341

”So What Chu Sayin?” (song by rapper Marky Mark Wahlberg), 262

Steven Soderbergh (filmmaker/director), 280, 383

A Soldier’s Story (film directed by Norman Jewison), xiv, 2, 8-10

            characters of A Soldier’s Story, 3

            Patti Labelle in A Soldier’s Story, 15

            Live theater and A Soldier’s Story, xv

A Soldier’s Story (play by Charles Fuller), 77

Gregory Solman (critic, journalist), 341

”Some Enchanted Evening” (song sung by Barbra Streisand), 358

”Someday We’ll Be Together” (song sung by Diana Ross and The Supremes), 362

”Sometimes” (song by musical group Erasure), 333

Son of Bazerk (rapper, member Son Of Bazerk and the No-Self Control Band), xvi, 247

            Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk, 217, 247-252

            Dr. Dre and Son Of Bazerk, 353, 354

            Just Another Girl On The I. R. T. and Son Of Bazerk, 345

            Young Black Teenagers and Son Of Bazerk, 259

Stephen Sondheim, 101, 357

S1W (musical group, sidemen of rap group Public Enemy), 157

Song Of The South (Disney film), 44

Songbird, (1979 Barbra Streisand album), 358

Sony Music, (firm), 359

Sophie’s Choice (film), 408

Sophisticated Ladies (Broadway musical), 45

Sophocles, 100, 115

S. O. U. L. (Sound Of Urban Listeners, Hank Shocklee custom Record Label), 248

Soul Man (film with actress Rae Dawn Chong), 63

Soul On Ice (book by Eldridge Cleaver), 79

”Soul Power” (James Brown song), 425

Soul Stirrers (musical group), 100, 101

Soul Train (TV Program), 128, 428

Sister Souljah (rapper, activist), 285, 286, 301-305, 307, 328

Sounder (film directed by Martin Ritt), 6, 15, 256

            Daughters Of The Dust and Sounder, 270

            Fresh and Sounder, 436

            Straight Out Of Brooklyn and Sounder, 206

            To Sleep With Anger and Sounder, 169

            ”White Collar Crime” and Sounder, 57

            White Dog and Sounder, 215

The Source (hip-hop periodical), 275, 429, 430, 431, 432

South Central (film directed by Steve Johnson), 320, 349, 351, 437

Souvenir d’en France (film directed by Andre Techine, a.k.a. French Provincial), 249, 338

James Spader (actor in film sex, lies & videotape), 383

Spandau Ballet (musical group), 271

Sparkle (film directed by Sam O’ Steen), 13-14

            The Five Heartbeats and Sparkle, 198, 199, 200

            Mary Alice in Sparkle, 171, 373

            Showbiz institutions in Sparkle, 15

”Speak Low” (song sung by Barbra Streisand), 359

”Spaek Upon It” (song by rap group Ed O.G. and Da Bulldog’s), 260

Speech (rapper, member of rap group Arrested Development), 271-273

Penelope Spheeris (directed film The Decline of Western Civilization), 41

Sphinx, 330

Steven Spielberg (filmmaker/director), 118-122

            Black cinema and Steven Spielberg, 24, 25

            Black or White and Steven Spielberg, 237, 238

            Close Encounters Of The Third Kind see Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (film)

            The Color Purple see The Color Purple (film)

            Escapade (Janet Jackson music video) and Steven Spielberg, 195

            E. T. see E. T. (film)

            Home Alone and Steven Spielberg, 185

            Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade see Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (film)

            Japanese characters af Steven Spielberg, 2

            Jaws, 118, 403

            Jurassic Park, 378

            Juvenile charcters of Steven Spielberg, 37-38

            Made-for-TV movies of Steven Spielberg, 346

            Menace II Society (film directed by The Hughes Brothers) and Steven Spielberg, 420

            Pop culture and Steven Spielberg, 36

            Postmodernism and Steven Spielberg, 176

            Raiders Of The Lost Ark, 120, 122

            Schindler’s List, 401-404, 424

            The Sugarland Express, 44, 405

            Steven Spielberg mentioned, xiv, 381, 417

Spin and Marty (TV Program), 36

Splendor In The Grass (film starring Warren Beatty), 30

Spring Break (film), 32

Bruce Springsteen (rock and roll singer, musician), xiv, 32, 35, 66, 283

 ”Squeeze the Trigger” (song by rapper Ice-T), 81

Sylvester Stallone (actor), 139, 378

Stand By Me (film), 61, 62

”Stand By Me” (song sung by Ben E. King), 171

Stanford University, 49

Harry Dean Stanton (actor in film Repo Man), 17

Star! (film starring Julie Andrews), 362

”The Star-Spangled Banner” (song), 284

Star Search (TV Show), 356

Star Wars (film directed by George Lucas), 120

Stardust Memories (film directed by Woody Allen), 60

Stars (book written by Richard Dyer), 297

”State Farm” (song by Yaz), 333

Statue of Liberty, 7, 239, 284, 386

Stavisky… (film), 267

Stax Records, 248

”Steady Mobbin” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 287

”Steamy Windows” (Tina Turner song), 365

Steel Helmet (film directed by Sam Fuller), 214

Jevetta Steele (gospel singer), 100, 101

Shelby Steele, (writer, columnist) 419

            Marriage of Shelby Steele, 203

            Chameleon Street (film) and Shelby Steele, 189

            Transitions interview of Shelby Steele, 314, 315

            Willie D (rapper) and Shelby Steele, 310

Steele Singers (gospel musical group), 100

Steely Dan (musical group), 138

Gloria Steinem, 28

Jim Steinman, 40

Bill Stephney (record label executive, music producer), 83, 103

”Steppin To The A. M.” (song by rap group 3rd Bass), 258

Connie Stevens (actress), 31

Rod Stewart (disco singer), 34, 66, 246

Dean Stockwell (actor), 298, 300

Eric Stolz (actor), 35

Michael Stone (attorney for police officer Laurence Powell–who helped beat Rodney King), 382

Oliver Stone (filmmaker/director)

            Black viewpoints and Oliver Stone, 314

            Sam Fuller and Oliver Stone, 216

            Spike Lee and Oliver Stone, 204, 321, 327

            Mo’ Better Blues and Oliver Stone, 161

            Salvador, 180

            Robert Townsend (filmmaker/director/actor) and Oliver Stone, 200

Sharon Stone (actress), 375

”Stop!” (1987 song by musical group Erasure), 334, 335, 386

Stormy Weather (film), 14

Madeleine Stowe (actress in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 389

Straight Out Of Brooklyn (film directed by Matty Rich), 205-208, 256, 350

Straight Out Of The Jungle (album by rap group The Jungle Brothers), 217

Straight Outta Compton (album by rap group N. W. A.), 155, 353, 354

Straight to Hell (film directed by Alex Cox), 72, 443

”Strange Fruit” (song by Billie Holiday), 65, 272

Strangers on a Train (film directed by Alfred Hitchcock), 299

Streamers (film directed by Robert Altman), 8, 10

Meryl Streep (actress), 22

William Douglas Street (subject of film Chamelon Street), 187-189, 281, 282

”Street Fighting Man” (song by musical group Rolling Stones), 67

Streets of Fire (film directod by Walter Hill), 36

Streetwise (documentary film), 31, 32, 40-42

Barbra Streisand (singer), 12, 57, 68, 239, 356-359

Strictly Business (film starring Halle Berry), 229-232

Strictly for my N. I. G. G. A. Z. (album by rapper/actor Tupac Shakur), 411

Eric von Stroheim (filmmaker/director), 326, 377

Charles Stuart (white Boston man who killed his pregnant wife for an insurance settlement and blamed the murder on a Black man), 260

Rhonda Stubbins-White (actress in HBO mini-series Laurel Avenue), 372, 373

Studs (TV Program), 399

Sugar Hill (film starring Wesley Snipes), 417

The Sugarland Express (film directed by Steven Speilberg), 44, 405

Donna Summer (disco singer), 56, 66, 245, 246, 361

A Summer Place (film), 32

Sundance United States Film Festival, 169, 254

Sunset Boulevard (film), 349, 357

Superfly, (film), 79, 245, 251

Superman III (film starring Christopher Reeve and Richard Pryor), 13

Supermodel of the World (album by singer RuPaul), 289, 290

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (film directed by Todd Haynes), 135, 296

Supremes (Motown musical group), 27, 68, 363

Surfacing (1972 book by Margaret Atwood), 394

Keith Sweat (R & B singer), 291-292

Vonte Sweet (actor in HBO mini-series Laurel Avenue), 372

Sweet Charity, (play), 365

Sweet Jesus Preacher Man (film), 72

Sweet Love, Bitter (1964 film directed by Herbert Danska), 25, 162

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song (film directed by Melvin Van Peebles), 25-26

Swing Kids (film directed by Thomas Carter), 409

Swoon (film directed by Tom Kalin), 293-300, 294-295

Sylvester (film starring Melissa Gilbert), 39

Sylvester (disco singer), 66






J. T., (singer), 259

Mr. T, (actor) 45

Taimak (martial artist, actor in The Last Dragon), 148, 150

Tarrie B. (rapper), 262

”Take A Chance on Me” (song by musical group Erasure), 334

Take It Off (album by musical disco group Chic), 56

”Take Me To The River” (song by singor Al Green), 104

Take The Money and Run (film directod by Woody Allen), 58, 61, 62, 64

”Taking a Chance on Love” (song by singer Ella Fitzgerald), 133, 134

”Tales of Simple” (Langston Hughes), 248

”Talkin’ Bout Hey Love” (song by rap group De La Soul), 219

Talking Heads (musical group), 88

”Tammy” (song in film The Long Day Closes), 342

Jessica Tandy (actress), 146, 147

Tap (film), 143

Quentin Tarantino (filmmaker/director), 439-443

Frank Tashlin, 45

Greg Tate (critic, journalist), 269, 414, 415

Larenz Tate (actor in film Menace II Society), 348

Taxi Driver (film directed by Martin Scorsese), 176

            Chameleon Street and Taxi Driver, 189

            Purple Rain and Taxi Driver, 15

            Racial aspects of Taxi Driver, 1

            Repo Man and Taxi Driver, 18

            Reviews of Taxi Driver, 2

Johnnie Taylor (R & B singer), 248

Lili Taylor (actress in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 390

Tea and Sympathy (film directed by Vincente Minnelli), 293, 297

Andre Techine (filmmaker/director), 249, 338-339

Bob Telson (composer of The Gospel at Colonus), 100, 101

Julien Temple (filmmaker/director), 195, 196

Temptations (Motown musical group), 65

”Ten Cents a Dance” (song in film The Fabulous Baker Boys), 143, 365

Tender Lover (Babyface music video), 196

Neil Tennant (lead singer of musical group Pet Shop Boys), 385, 386

”Tennessee” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 271, 272, 273

Tequila Sunrise (film), 113, 121, 142, 144

St. Theresa, 130

The Terminator (film directed by James Cameron), xiv

Terminator 2 (film directed by James Cameron), 227, 239, 375

”Terminator X to the Edge of Panic” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 104

Terms Of Endearment (film), 4

Lawrence Tero (Mr. T), 45

La Terra Trema (film directed by Luchino Visconti), 5, 206

”Welcome To The Terrordome” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 413

Joe Tex (R & B singer), 66, 93, 249

William Thackeray, 180

Rosetta Tharpe (singer), 170

That Cold Day in the Park (1969 film by Robert Altman), 389

”That’s Entertainment” (song), 222, 223

”That’s The Way Love Goes” (Janet Jackson song), 360

”That’s The Way Love Is” (Bobby Brown song), 360

”The Theatre” (song by musical group Pet Shop Boys), 386

Thelma and Louise (film directed by Ridley Scott), 278, 282

”There Goes The Neighborhood” (song by rapper Ice-T), 306

The Thief Of Bagdad (film), 329

”Thief of Hearts” (song), 361

”Thin Line Between Love and Hate” (song in Spike Lee film Crooklyn), 427

3rd Bass (rap group), 257, 258, 259

This Boy’s Life (film), 336

This Happy Breed (film directod by David Lean), 340

”This Time” (Janet Jackson song), 363

Carla Thomas (singer), 158

Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court Justice)

            Naughty By Nature (rap group) and Clarence Thomas, 234 

            MTV The Real World and Clarence Thomas, 400

            Ricochet and Clarence Thomas, 224, 226, 228

            Strictly Business and Clarence Thomas, 232

Gay Thomas (actress in HBO mini-series Laurel Avenue), 373

Henry Thomas (actor in Steven Spielberg film E. T.), 45

Pamm Thomas (filmmaker), 278

Rufus Thomas (singer), 93

Todd Thomas, (rapper, Speech, member of rap group Arrested Development) 271-273

Tressa Thomas (actress in film The Five Heartbeats), 199

Donald Thorin (cinematographer of film An Officer and A Gentleman), 8

The Thousand and One Nights (book), 329, 330

3 Feet High and Rising (debut album by rap group De La Soul), 136, 217

360 Degrees of Power (album by rapper, activist Sister Souljah), 285, 301-305

Three The Hard Way (film), 72

3 Women (film directed by Robrt Altman), 389

3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in The Life Of… (album by rap group Arrested Development), 272

Thriller (music video starring Michael Jackson), 34, 75, 76, 241

”Thriller” (Michael Jackson song), 75

”Throb” (Janet Jackson song), 363

Through a Glass Darkly (film directed by Ingmar Bergman), 394

Uma Thurman (actress in film Pulp Fiction), 440, 443

Thuy Thu Le (actress in film Casualties Of War), 180

Tikkun (periodical), 314

Time (periodical)

            Time on Do The Right Thing, 326

            Time on Gene Hackman, 109

            Time on independent films, 254

            Time on Malcolm X, 324

            Time on Mississippi Burning, 377

            William Street and Time, 188

Time-Warner, Inc., 307, 325, 399

”Timebomb” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 83

TLC (R & B pop musical group), 367

To Be Or Not To Be (film directed by Ernst Lubitsch), 122

To Catch a Thief (film directed by Alfred Hitchcock), 54

”To Da Break Of Dawn” (song by rapper LL Cool J), 165

To Kill A Mockingbird (film), 2

To Sir, With Love (film starring Sidney Poitier), 3, 11

To Sleep With Anger (film directed by Charles Burnett), 169-171, 351, 373

”To Speak Is A Sin” (song by musical group Pet Shop Boys), 386

James Toback (filmmaker/director, screenwriter), 6, 264-265, 266, 267

Leo Tolstoy (novelist), 390

 ”Tolstoy of the Zulus” (Saul Bellow), 255

Lily Tomlin (actress in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 389-390

”Tonight’s The Night” (song by singer Rod Stewart), 246

Tonio K., (performer), 17, 18

Too Legit To Quit (MC Hammer music video), 243

Too Short (rapper), 347

Tootsie (film dircted by Sydney Pollack), 4, 63

Top Gun (film starring Tom Cruise), 184

Ricahrd Torres (journalist, critic), 301, 360, 365

”Touch Me” (song sampled in De La Soul song ”My Brother’s A Basehead”), 218

”Touched By The Hand of God” (song by group New Order), 272

Tougher Than Leather (film starring Run-DMC), 71-73, 149, 351

Toure (journalist), 429-432

”Toward A Theory of Film History” (essay by film critic Andrew Sarris), 404

Robert Townsend (filmmaker/director, actor), 58-59, 62, 63-64, 172, 198-200

The Toy (film starring Richard Pryor), 13

Spencer Tracy (actor), 202

Trading Places (film starring Eddie Murphy), 19

”Tramp” (song by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas), 158

Transitions (periodical), 314

”Trapped Inside the Rage of Jahwell” (song by rap group Son of Bazerk), 250

”Trash” (song by punk band New York Dolls), 221

John Travolta (actor in film Pulp Fiction), 31, 440, 441, 443

Treach (rapper, member of rap group Naughty By Nature), 234, 261, 290

”Tread Water” (song by rap group De La Soul), 137

Trespass (film directed by Walter Hill), 376

Ralph Tresvant (R & B singer, member of boy band New Edition), 291

The Trial (Kafka), 312

A Tribe Called Quest (rap group), 217, 271

”Tribute” (song), 363

Jan Troell (filmmaker/director of films The New Land, Zandy’s Bride), 270, 394

Trouble In Mind (film directed by Alan Rudolph), 143, 144

Trouble In Paradise (film), 54, 267

True Romance (film directed by Tony Scott, written by Quentin Tarantino), 443

Francis Truffaut (critic, filmmaker/director), 156, 440

Trugoy the Dove (rapper, member of rap group De La Soul), 136

Trump family, 185

Truth 24 Frames Per Second (firm owned by filmmaker/director Leslie Harris), 346

”Try A Little Tenderness” (song), 50

Turf Turf (film photographed by Willy Kurant), 34

Lawrence Tureaud (Mr. T), 45

”Turn Off The Radio” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 156, 158

Ike Turner (rock and roll singer, bandleader), 364, 365

Lana Turner (actress), 43

Nat Turner, 282

Tina Turner (rock and roll singer), 245, 364-366

Tyrin Turner (actor in film Menace II Society) Tyren Turner, 348

John Turturro (actor in films Do The Right Thing, Mo’ Better Blues, Jungle Fever), 123, 163, 204

Nick Turturro (actor in film Mo’ Better Blues), 163

2 Black 2 Strong & The MMG (musical group), 260

247 Spyz (musical group), 250

2 Live Crew (musical group), 165, 276

”2 Nigs United for West Compton” (Prince song), 90

Two or Three Things I Know about Her (film directed by Jean-Luc Godard), 188

2001 (film directed by Stanley Kubrick), 342

Cicely Tyson (actress), 14, 278

Mike Tyson (boxer), 226






”U” (song by rap group Arrested Development), 272

U Can’t Touch This (MC Hammer music video), 190, 192

U2 (rock and roll group), 128

Leslie Uggams (actress in TV mini-series Roots), 408

”Uh Oh” (song), 363

Alfred Uhry (playwright, Driving Miss Daisy), 146, 147

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (film), 126, 383

Uncle Jam Wants You (album by band Funkadelic), 137

Uncommon Valor (film), 8

”Under My Thumb” (Rolling Stones song), 67

Under The Cherry Moon (film starring Prince), 52-54, 55-56

Underworld, U. S. A. (film directed by Sam Fuller), 214

United States Central Intelligence Agency, 321

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, 157

United States Film Festival, 187

The Untouchables (film directed by Brian DePalma), 177, 178-179, 181, 266

Upscale (periodical), 227

Uptown Saturday Night (film starring Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby), 25

Urban Bush Women (dance troupe), 269

Urban Cowboy (film starring Debra Winger), 31

”Us” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 287

Clinton Utterbach and The Praisers (Gospel musical group), 129-130

U2 (musical group), 128






Valley Girl (ilm), 32, 42

Vamp (film starring Grace Jones), 55

Van Halen (rock and roll band), 38

Melvin Van Peebles (filmmaker/director/actor/author/musician), 25-26

Luther Vandross (R & B singer), 66

Vanilla Ice (rapper), 219, 261, 262

Vanita Fair (periodical), 115, 192

Bartolomeo Vanzetti, 294

Venus In Furs (von Masoch), 294

Ben Vereen (actor), 50, 101

Paul Verhoeven (filmmaker/director), 375

Very (Pet Shop Boys album), 385, 386

Vibe (periodical), 419

”Victor Should Have Been a Jazz Musician” (song by Grace Jones), 56

Victoria cinemas, 422

”Video Soul” (TV Program on BET cable channel), 69

King Vidor (director of 1929 film Hallelujah!), 46, 130

Vietnam War, 378

            Birdy and Vietnam War, 37

            Vietnam War in Casualties of War, 179, 180

            filmmakers and Vietnam War, 176

            Vietnam War in Madame Butterfly, 102

            social preoccupation with Vietnam War, 1

            Vietnam in Streamers, 10

            thematic isolation Vietnam War, 8  

A View To Kill (film), 55

Village People (musical group), 385, 386

The Village Voice (newspaper),

            Hilton Als and The Village Voice, 295

            Black culture and The Village Voice, 121, 275, 419

            The Village Voice on Chameleon Street, 253, 280

            The Village Voice on Daughtors Of The Dust, 269, 278

            The Village Voice on Elvisana, 316

            Fresh Fly Flavor and The Village Voice, 274

            Nelson George and The Village Voice, 230

            The Village Voice on Laurel Avenue, 372

            The Village Voice on Lethal Injection, 414

            The Village Voice on Menace II Society, 350, 351, 418

            West-Williams discussion in The Village Voice, 314

Vinnie (member of rap group Naughty By Nature), 234

Luchino Visconti (filmmaker/director), 5, 135, 206

Vision Quest (film starring Matthew Modine), 39, 40, 42

I Vitelloni (film directed by Federico Fellini)), 60

Vivid (album by rock band Living Colour), 87, 88

Vogue (Madonna music video directed by David Fincher), 154

Vogue (periodical), 192

New Voices Of Freedom (musical group, helped sing ”I Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For”), 128

Volunteers (film), 29






”Wade In The Water” (traditonal gospel song), 66

Lindsay Wagner (actress in film Ricochet), 227

Donnie Wahlberg (music producer, member of boy band New Kids On The Block), 245, 258, 263

Marky Mark Wahlberg, (rapper, model), 245, 257-263

Tom Waits (actor in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 391

Narada Michael Walden (songwriter), 69

Walk On The Wild Side (film starring Jane Fonda), 194

”Walk On The Wild Side” (song by Lou Reed), 260

Alice Walker (novelist, author of book The Color Purple), 24, 43, 44, 406

George Walker (vaudeville performer, actor, singer, partenr of Bert Williams), 49

Paula Walker (filmmaker), 279

”Walking Down Madison” (song by Kirsty MacColl), 210-212

Walking with a Panther (album by rapper LL Cool J), 165, 166, 167, 217

The Wall Street Journal (periodical), 266

Angela Walsh (actress in Terence Davies film Distant Voices, Still Lives), 134, 337

Tracey Walter (actor in Alex Cox film Repo Man), 17

The Wanderers (film directed by Phillip Kaufman), 126

”Wanna Be Starting Something” (Michael Jackson song), 76

WarGames (film starring Matthew Broderick), 6

War Requiem (Derek Jarman film), 294

Fred Ward (actor), 389

Marsha Warfield (comic, actress), 172

Andy Warhol, 154, 276

Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., 31, 231, 306, 320, 329

The Warriors (film directed by Walter Hill), 36

Dionne Warwick (singer), 66, 70

Martha Wash, (singer), 191, 257

Booker T. Washington, 48

Denzel Washington (actor)

            Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, 319, 320, 324, 326

            Denzel Washington in Mo’ Better Blues, 161-162

            Denzel Washington in Ricochet, 224, 225

            Denzel Washington in A Soldier’s Story, 10

The Washington Post (newspaper), 418, 419

Watergate Affair, 378

Crystal Waters (singer), 209, 210, 211, 212

Ethel Waters (actress, singer), 210, 373

Muddy Waters (blues singer), 168, 249

Jody Watley (R & B/dance singer), 66

Watts Riots, 349

Watts Towers, 227

Way Down East (silent film directed by D.W. Griffith), 205

The Way That You Love Me (Paula Abdul music video), 192

The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson music video), 241

”The Way You Make me Feel” (Michael Jackson song), 74

Damon Wayans (comic), 172

Keenan Ivory Wayans (filmmaker/director/actor), 139, 172, 198

John Wayne (actor), 121

W. C. (of rap group W. C. and the Madd Circle), 415

”We Approach Your Throne” (gospel song by Clinton Utterbach and the Praisers), 129

We Do Heads (Spike Lee film), 21

”We Had To Tear This — Up” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 412

Sigourney Weaver (actress in Ridley Scott film 1492), 331

Bruce Weber, 194

A Wedding (1978 film by Robert Altman), 388

The Wedding Party (film directed by Brian DePalma), 175-176

Wedding Present (musical group that sang 1990 song ”Brassneck”), 369

Weekend (film directed by Jean-Luc Godard), 241

Weird Science (film), 29

”Welcome To The Terrordome” (song by rap group Public Enemy), 412

”We’ll Let You Know” (song by Morrissey), 318

Gwen Welles, 143

Orson Welles (actor/filmmaker/director), 381

            Terence Davies and Orson Welles, 133

            Wendell B. Harris and Orson Welles, 282

            Spike Lee and Orson Welles, 326

            Sexual ambiguities of Orson Welles, 255

            3 Feet High and Rising and Orson Welles, 137

Ida B. Wells, 255

George Wendt (actor in Michael Jackson music video Black or White), 237

Cornel West 310, 314

Mae West (actress, singer), 334

West Side Story (musical), 76, 203, 241, 284, 358

”We’ve Got Tonight” (song by Kenny Rogers), 129

”What Can I Do?” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 414

”What Could Be Better, Bitch?” (song by rap group Son Of Bazerk), 248

What’s Goin On (Marvin Gaye album), 81

”What’s Goin’ On?” (Marvin Gaye song), 138, 415

 What’s Love Got To Do With It? (film starring Angela Bassett and Lawrence Fishburne), 364

When Father Was Away On Business, (film), 140

”When I Get To Heaven” (song byy rapper Ice Cube), 414-415

When I Think Of You (Janet Jackson wusic video), 195

”When The Sun Comes Out” (song sung by Barbra Streisand), 356

”When 2 R In Love” (song by Prince), 90

”When Will They Shoot?” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 412

Where The Heart Is (film directed by John Boorman), 207

”Wherever I May Roam” (song by Metallica), 283, 284

Which Way Is Up? (film starring Richard Pryor), 14

”Which Way To America?” (song by band Living Colour), 88

Yolanda Whitaker (rapper, a.k.a. YoYo), 158

Timothy White (Billboard editor), 412

The White Album (Beatles Album), 92

”White Collar Crime” (Grace Jones song), 57

White Dog (film directed by Sam Fuller), 213-216

The White Girl (film directed by Tony Brown), 148-150, 199, 421

White Heat (film starring James Cagney), 226

The White Sheik (film directed by Federico Fellini), 379

Whitney (album by Whitney Houston), 68

Whitney Museum, 24, 27, 106, 376

”Who Got The Camera?” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 413

Whodini (rap group), 230

”Whole Lotta Love” (song by rock band Led Zeppelin), 250

”A Whole New World” (song in Disney animated film Aladdin), 330

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff? (play), 246, 390

”Who’s Loving You?” (song by Motown gruop The Temptations), 65

Who’s That Knocking at My Door? (film directed by Martin Scorsese) 34, 126, 160

”Who’s The Mack?” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 158

”Why Me Baby?” (song with Keith Sweat and LL Cool J), 292

Alain Whyte (guitarist for Morrissey in The Glamorous Glue music video), 318

”Wicked” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 412

Leon Wieseltier, 408

Dianne Wiest (actress), 61, 379

Wild! (Erasure album), 333

Wild Boys (Duran Duran music video), 226

Wild Cherry (musical group), 87

The Wild Life (film), 32

The Wild One (film starring Marlon Brando), 297

Wild Style (film directed by Charllie Ahearn), 16

 Jimmy Wilde (actor in Terence Davies film The Long Day Closes), 342

Billy Wilder (filmmaker/director), 99, 403

Thornton Wilder, 336, 341

”Wildside” (song by Marky Mark Wahlberg), 258, 260-261

”Will Never Marry” (song by Morrissey), 222

Bert Williams (singer, vaudville performer), 48-51, 137

Cynda Williams (actress in films One False Move, Mo’ Better Blues), 161, 373

Darnell Williams (actor in Robert Altman film Short Cuts), 391

Freedom Williams (rapper, member of pop group C + C Music Factory), 191

Hank Williams (country singer), 35

Malinda Williams (actress in HBO mini-series Laurel Avenue), 372

Patricia J. Williams (interviewed Cornel West in Village Voice), 314

Raymond Williams (book Keywords), 276, 340

Robin Williams (actor, comic), 7, 281, 329

Spencer Williams (actor, filmmaker/director), 106-108, 207, 256, 280

Tennessee Williams (playwright), 115, 297

Tyger Williams (screenwriter of film Menace II Society), 348

Vanessa Williams (singer), 226

Williams & Walker (musical), 48-51

Fred Williamson (actor), 21

Lisa Williamson see Sister Souljah (rapper, activist)

Mykelti Williamson (actor in film Forrest Gump), 435

Willie D (rapper, member of the group Geto Boys), xv, 309-315, 323

Bruce Willis (actor in films Bonfire Of The Vanities, Pulp Fiction), 183, 378, 439, 441

Willow (film), 120

August Wilson (black playwright), 84-86, 101, 171, 322

Darcelle Wilson (vocalist), 263

Winans (gospel musical group), 128

Paul Winfield (actor), 29, 214, 215, 216

Oprah Winfrey (TV Talk Show Host), 46, 148

Debra Winger (actress), 8, 31, 38

Mel Winkler (actor in HBO mini-series Laurel Avenue), 372

Michael Winslow (actor, comic), 172

Wise Guys (film directed by Brian DePalma), 177

Wish You Were Here (film), 345

”Wishing Well (A Tone Poem)” (song by Terence Trent D’Arby), 67

”With One Look” (Andrew Lloyd Webber song sung by Barbra Streisand), 358

Without You I’m Nothing (film starring Sandra Bernhard), 318

George C. Wolfe. (director), 63, 195

 Tom Wolfe (author), 176, 177, 179, 180-183

A Woman Is A Woman (film directed by Jean-Luc Godard), 126

The Women (film), 99

Women of Brewster Place (TV movie), 130

Women on the Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (film directed by Pedro Almovodar), 98-99

Stevie Wonder (Motown singer), 34, 76, 363

B. D. Wong (actor in M. Butterfly), 102

Collette Wood (Beverly Hills/Hollywood branch of NAACP spokesperson in 1982), 213

Alfre Woodard (actress in film Crooklyn), 426, 427

Billy Woodberry (filmmaker/director), xiv-xv, 20-22, 26, 169

Lesley Woods (lead singer of musical group Au Pairs), 209

Joanne Woodward (actress), 53

Bruce Wooley (songwriter), 55

Working Girl (film), 113

The World According To Garp (Irving), 394

World War II, 10, 119

Wotan’s Wake (film directed by Brian DePalma), 175

”The Wrath Of My Madness” (song by rapper Queen Latifah), 304

Michael Wright (actor in the film The Five Heartbeats), 199

N’Bushe Wright (actress in film Fresh), 437

Richard Wright (novelist), 24, 189

Robin Wright (actress in film Forrest Gump), 435

”The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit” (song by rapper Ice Cube), 286, 413

Wu Tang Clan (rap group), 432

Phillippe Wynne, 136






X-Clan (rap group), 164, 270

Xanadu (film), 12






Yaaba (film) 139-141

Boaz Yakin (filmmaker/director), 436-438

”Yankee Doodle” (song), 276

Marjorie Yates (actress in Terence Davies film The Long Day Closes), 340

Yaz (musical group), 333

Yeelen (film), 140

Yentl (1983 Barbra Streisand album), 358

Yo! Bum Rush The Show (album by rap group Public Enemy), 82-83

Yo! MTV Raps (TV Program), 274, 276

”You Want This” (Janet Jackson song), 362

Andre Young see Dr. Dre (music producer, rapper, member of N. W. A.)

Burt Young (actor in film Last Exit To Brooklyn), 151

Lester Young, 11

Richard Young (actor in Steven Spielberg film Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade), 120

Robert Young (co-director of 1964 film Nothing But A Man), 25

Young Black Teenagers (album), 259

Young Guns (film), 72

Young M.C. (rapper), 260

Young Mr. Lincoln (film directed by John Ford), 42

”Young Offender” (song by group Pet Shop Boys), 386

Youngblood Hawke (film), 181

Your Arsenal (Morrissey album), xv, 307, 316, 317, 318

”You’re in a Bad Way” (Saint Etienne song), 363

”You’re the One for Me, Fatty” (song by Morrissey), 317

YoYo (rapper), 158, 274






Z (film), 346

Steven Zaillian (screenwriter of Steven Spielberg film Schindler’s List), 409

Zandy’s Bride (film directed by Jan Troell), 394

Zelig (film directed by Woody Allen), 60, 189, 281, 379, 434

Robert Zemeckis (filmmaker/director), 36, 434

Florenz Ziegfeld, 49

Ziegfeld Follies, 48, 49

Fred Zollo (producer of film Mississippi Burning), 111





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